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Colorful Kids Necklace Hemp Project

2-tone switch knot necklace with turtle pendantPicture yourself, a friend, or a little one wearing this Colorful Kids Necklace!  

Don't let the "kids necklace" name stop you - teens and youthful grown-ups could easily wear this necklace too.

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Unlike most of my other creative gifts, my Zoe, age 6  going on 16, hasn't stopped wearing this one.  It definitely has the cool kid seal of approval.

Isn't the glass turtle pendant the best finishing touch?  The colored cord would be great for a matching switch knot bracelet or maybe a friendship bracelet for a special chum.


Tools and Materials:

  • Colored cording in 2 colors of your choice
  • A pendant or charm
  • Measuring tape
  • White glue

Knot Abbreviations

Useful Links:
Glossary of Hemp Jewelry Making Terms
How to Make an Overhand Knot (OH)
How to Make a Square Knot (SK)
How to Make a Switch Knot (SW)

An important note about these instructions...

This pattern is largely the same as the Lazy Cosmic Swirl Necklace except for the closure and the materials.  Steps 1-8 are illustrated with the natural hemp as the material but are otherwise perfectly accurate to this pattern.  Don't get confused, thinking the pictures are all wrong!

Step by Step:

Step 1 : Cut two 5 foot lengths of cording (1 of each color).

Step 2: Make the loop side of a switch knot clasp by folding one length of twine in half, and laying it over the other (leave the second unfolded) (Fig. 1).

Sliding Clasp - Hemp Fig. 1

Step 3 : Use the crosswise cord as your knotters.  The folded cord will be your fillers.  Make 2 SK's around your fillers (Fig.s 2, 3, 4).  These knots will be your sliding closure.  Give it a test slide by grasping the knots with your forefinger and thumb, and holding the loop with your other hand.  You should be able to slide the knots up and down the filler cords.


Sliding Clasp - Hemp step 2 Sliding Clasp - Hemp 3 Sliding Clasp - Hemp 4
Fig. 2 Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Sliding knot clasp Sliding Knot Closure
Fig. 5 Fig. 6

Here's what your finished sliding closure will look like (Fig.s 5 and 6)


Step 4 : Slide the knots up the fillers so that the loop is small (see Fig. 7).

Sliding Clasp - Hemp 5Fig. 7

Step 5: Make a switch knot (Fig.s 8, 9) about a thumb's width in size (see Fig. 9), securing with an SK (Fig. 10).

Sliding Clasp - Hemp 6 Sliding Clasp - Hemp Sliding Clasp - Hemp
Fig. 8 Fig. 9 Fig. 10

Step 6 : Determine how long you want your necklace to be, then follow this pattern: *1 SW, 2 SK, repeat from * until your work measures 1/2 your finished necklace measurement.

Step 7 : Grab the ends of 1 filler and 1 knotter cord that are adjacent (next to each other).  Slide your pendant or dangle onto those 2 cords. (See the top photo of the finished necklace to see how this will work)

Step 8 : Continue the *1 SW, 2 SK, repeat from * pattern until your necklace measures the desired length.

Step 9: To make the 2nd half of the closure, make a SW, then 1 or 2 SK's. Make an OH knot with each knotter (Fig. 11 #'s 1 and 2).  Then take your filler cords and make an OH with the 2 fillers held together (Fig. 11 #3). 



Knotted end clasp
Fig. 11

Step 10: Trim the cords as shown, and dab some glue onto the knots.

Clasping the Necklace

To work the closure, insert your closure knot (Fig. 12, bottom) into the switch knot gap of the sliding end (Fig. 12, top). 

Slide the sliding knot (see Fig.s 5 and 6) to cinch it closed (Fig. 13)

Sliding Clasp and Knotted Closure slide clasp
Fig. 12 Fig. 13

You're finished your new Colorful Kids Necklace!

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