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Questions That Others Have Asked

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Imitation Sabika Jewelry 
I am looking for the web site to purchase supplies for making the look alike Sabika jewelry. I am not looking to resale but to make this jewelry for …

Supplies For A Sabika Sawaroski Crystal Choker 
Want to make a Sabika Australian crystal choker look alike. Where can I find the supplies to make it?

Help In Finding Supplies 
Hi, I'm looking for a high quality sterling silver pendant or drop inside which I can suspend a lapis teardrop which is 15mm long. I have one from …

Different Shapes Of Rhinestones 
I am looking for different shapes of rhinestones in different colors and different sizes. Can someone please let me know the details?

Where To Find Connectors For Stretch Cord Bracelets 
Hello, I'm looking for these type of backings/connectors made of silver metal or silver plastic so that I can glue pieces/cameos to the front and still …

Where Can I Buy Screw-back Stud Sterling Settings? 
I have been buying gems that I like and now have a lot of lovely gems I'd like to make into earrings. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere to buy screw- …

Connecting A Lobster Clasp To A Snake Chain? 
How do you connect a lobster claw clasp to a snake chain such as for a European bracelet? I often see a barrel type finding with a loop at one end …

Where Can I Get A Logo Charm Made? 
I would like to add a small charm to my jewelry with my logo on it, but have no idea who to contact on this matter. Not sure if I can make them myself …

Wrap Around Bracelets 
I am looking for a wholesaler that sells silver spiral wrap around bracelets so I can bead them. I have tried searching online but nothing..can anyone …

Metal Stamping Clamp? 
Is there a device that will hold the metal stamp (in jewelry stamping) so that you don't have to hold it with your fingers?

Where To Buy Oxidized Filigree Beads 
I am looking for some lacy-type silver oxidized or pewter filigree rounds to wrap a 24x12mm Swarovski teardrop for a bridal earring. Can anyone provide …

Help WIth Head Pin Thickness?  
When ordering head pins I'm not sure what size I am getting. Is 40 mm finer or thicker than 50 mm? Is the higher number a finer gauge wire?

Looking For Small Metal Initials 
Does anyone know where I can find small metal initials (no larger than 1/2" tall)? I am looking for flat back letters to use in bezel pendant necklaces. …

What Are The Best Earring Finding To Use? 
What are the best type of earring posts and fish-hooks to use for making earrings? I noticed some that I bought were thick and rough at the ends and …

Sideways Cross Connector 
I'm looking for a sideways cross connector to make my bracelets. Any suppliers other than Ebay?

Chain: Sources for Quality Jewelry Chain 
Here's your responses for chain sources: For Sterling Chain For Other Great …

How To Make A Metal Stamp Necklace 
How do I make the Metal Stamp Necklaces? What supplies do I need?

Sources For Stamping Blanks 
Here are some great resources provided by our community regarding places to find stamping blanks: does silver plated blanks. …

Stainless Steel Blanks 
Where do I find stainless steel blanks for letter openers, pens, etc.?

Scarf Bails And Scarf Rings 
I am looking to buy scarf bails and scarf rings to put on scarves that I make. Can anyone help?

Indian Style - Sterling Silver Blanks  
Where can I find blank sterling settings so I can set my own stones? Items such as: rings, watch bands, pendants, pins, tie tacks, bolos etc.?

How Make A Necklace From Large, Stretch Crystal Ring? 
I bought a Swarovsky crystal spider stretch ring that's about 4" in diameter. Huge! I'd like to remove the stretch ring and somehow make a necklace from …

Where Can I Buy Scarf Bails Or Rrings? 
Looking to buy scarf bails and scarf rings to put onto scarfs. I can find them already on scarfs but would like to add my own pendant and make them …

Silicone For Enameling 
Where can I buy the silicone substance for enameling onto sterling silver?

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Mounting Clasps For CZ Rounds 
I am trying to find mounting clasps for CZ rounds to stitch onto clothing.

Where Do They Sell Twine, Brass Nuts And Washers? 
I want to make a friendship necklace but I don't know where they sell the twine or the brass nuts/washers?

Blank Adjustable Rings 
Do they sell blank adjustable rings at Hobby Lobby?

Sideways Cross Pendents For Bracelets 
I'm looking to purchase sideways crosses to make bracelets.

Glass Stretch Photo Jewelry Bracelets 
I am looking for a place to buy the bracelet blanks at wholesale pricing. I cannot seem to find them for less than $15 each. That seems like retail …

Stainless Steel Bezels 
Where can I find quality stainless steel bezels to fill with concrete or resin? Thank You

Sideway Cross Connector 
Where can I find a sideway cross connector for a bracelet?

How to Make Metal Pendants of My Designs for Necklaces 
I am looking to either find a company to create pendants out of my designs for wholesale or to learn how to create these pendants. I am looking to …

Jewelry Spikes 
I need some sources for buying those spikes I've seen used on hoop earrings. Any help will be appreciated.

Where Can I Find Unique Metal Stamping Blanks? 
I'm just looking for unique, preferrably affordable blanks for metal stamping. I have a small Facebook run metal stamping business but I'm looking …

Cross Jewerly 
I need a website(s) to purchase crosses to make jewelry.

Surgical Steel Wire? 
I once asked the question what is the difference between steel wire and surgical steel wire? Is it true that surgical steel is not steel?

Vertically Drilled Cross 
I have searched high and low for a cross that is drilled from top to bottom to be used for a beaded bracelet. I know someone makes them because I have …

Pearl Cup Posts? 
I am making pearl post earrings but I need the little cup-like posts that you glue the pearls to. I thought they were called pearl cups but nobody …

How to put on a clamp...? 
Hi, I went to a store a little while ago and got everything to make 3 necklaces. The sales lady showed me how to do a clamp and all of that. I made …

I'm interested in making various things that will use a D-ring 1/2" to 1". I've searched jewelry supplies, but cannot find any that are quality material …

Prevent resin from sticking on a stone glazed mould...? 
I have a resin set for making jewellery and want to know what I can coat the stone glazed moulds with before starting the process.

What type of leather does 'Les Gazelles' use? 
I am trying to find leather to string and knot pearls like the type that is used by Les Gazelles--they have a website and make GORGEOUS leather/tahitian …

Where can we get the jewellery and materials used for making earrings?

Two-Hole Buttons 
Does anyone know where to purchase the 2-hole metal buttons that are used for the chan luu style leather wrap bracelets?

Stamped Jewelry: Silver Rings 
Where to find a supplier for thin silver finger rings that names can be stamped on? I'm looking for a supplier that offers the rings in the attached …

Mommy Bracelet: French Wire, Sterling Letters and Sterling Hearts 
Christine, I am trying to make a Mommy bracelet. Went to Michael's today to get the material that you noted that I would need. I spent $74.00 and …

Where to find good quality chains for making jewelry? 
I have been looking for the right chains for my jewelry making. Most of it feels light and/or flimsy. I want chains that will not tarnish. A good selection …

Iridescent Metallic-finished Snake Chain? 
I work in a jewelry store and today a customer came in wearing a dark metallic snake (I think) chain with a lustrous almost metallic finish. Of course, …

Ear Cuffs 
Where can I find a finding that looks like the piece that wraps around the ear in the ear cuff/ear wrap pictured above...? I would just like to have …

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Where can I find jewelry tags? 
Where can I purchase gold or silver plated tags with my jewelry business name on them? I need it to attach to jewelry necklaces and bracelets.

Artitic Wire 
Does anyone know where I can purchase Artitic Wire in London, Ontario, Canada? I don't live in London, but I can get there. Toronto is a bit of a …

Where to find metal tubing for pearl necklace ends? 
I'm looking for the metal tubing that you put on the thread that strings pearls, at the end just before the jump ring or clasp, so the thread won't wear …

Jewelery Glue 
I am making some button necklaces using waxed linen cord. 2 questions: 1. I need a good supplier of waxed linen that comes in several thicknesses …

Where can I find this vintage molded glass flower (poured glass)? 
I have a vintage Florenza set, but one earring is missing its molded glass flower. I really need this flower and I've looked nearly everywhere. HELP!!! …

Sandalwood Bead 
I am looking for a supplier for sandalwood beads for making malas and am having no luck. And also a resource for good stretchy cord. Can you help? …

Where to find stretch bands? 
i am trying to shop online for stretch bands for making my own rings. i can't find anything in the stores in billings,montana. where can i find a store …

Framed Pendants 
I'm looking for framed pendants i can put on a necklace. I like the ones that have the 2 pieces of glass and you insert your picture between. But …

State charms and pendants 
Can you tell me where I can purchase state shaped charms and pendants and also the state initial charms . Especially Wv. Thank you!

wholesale precious metal wire and sheets 
hi, i'm from ontario canada and i'm trying to find wholesalers dealing in mostly sterling silver wire and sheets. i would prefer to buy from ontario, …

Where to find dragon charms 
School mascot is a dragon. Want to make dragon jewelry, but need source for dragon charms (to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, barrettes, etc.) …

Where to Find Eye Beads 
I would like to know where I can find the least expensive eye beads: -Cats eye -Tiger eye -Evil eye -9 eyes Most important for me would be the …

Goretex Cord 
Looking to replace my old worn waxed linen cord necklace with some non fading Goretex cord. It can't be too thin.... Do you know where I an find some …

Metal Flowers for Making Necklaces 
I am wanting to make necklaces with metal flowers of different sizes and colors, but I cannot find these anywhere. Please give me the name of a supplier. …

Puffy Heart Question 
Where can I find a supplier who manufactures 40mm clear and plain colored non faceted (flat)puffy heart pendants so I can make my own jewelry?

Looking for hinged bangle & buckle bracelets for inlay. 
Hi, I'm looking for stainless or silver plated bangle and buckle bracelets to inlay with leather such as stingray. Bracelets have a recessed area. I'd …

Where Can I Find Screw-ended Clasps? 
Where can I get the screw end clasps used on the chains of Pandora, Trollbeads, etc. for jewelry?

Looking For a Coloured Chain 
I have a few design ideas but I can't seem to find a coloured chain anywhere. Any clues? Either online or in the Toronto area works for me.

Where to Buy an Adjustable Ring Mount 
I am looking for an adjustable ring mount that has a flat top to glue a piece on. I also want the adjustable part of the ring to be on the top and not …

What Does "Hand Rolled" Leather Cord Mean? 
I have seen jewelry made with pearls strung on leather cords. In the descriptions it always says that the pearls are strung on "hand rolled leather". …

Where to Find Magnetic Jewelry Clasps? 
Does anyone know where I can purchase heavy duty, round, silver plated jewelry clasps? I'm making bracelets and want the magnetic connection. Thanks

Can Silver Charms Be Made From Clay? 
I had read somewhere that the industry created a clay that you form your own charm with and when you fire it, it then turns into a hard silver. Is …

Where Can I Find Hinged Bracelets? 
I am looking for silver, hinged bracelets to make my own using fused glass.

What Is "Multi Turquoise", "Turkey Turquoise" And "Striped Turquoise" ? 
I've recently seen many beads and stones labeled "multi-turquoise" or "striped turquoise", "mosaic turquoise" and another called "Turkey turquoise". …

Where to Find Sterling Silver Stamping Discs? 
I am looking for "unstamped", good quality stamping charms to be used to personalize my jewelry.

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What Tools Should I Purchase? 
Where do I begin? I am very new to this. What tools should I purchase and where is the best place to get the supplies?

Where to Buy Stretchy Cord to Make Child's Choker Necklaces? 
Where can I purchase a stretchy product (elastic/cord) to make a child's choker necklace with? I recently bought my 6 year old daughter one and would like …

What Gemstone Is This Pendant? 
Can someone tell me what Gemstone this Pendant is? It is 2 1/2" high and 1" wide. It has gold inlay? on top of it of Cranes. It is a Pale Light Green …

Where to Find Blank Cross Forms/Fill-in Pendants? 
Where Can We Find Cross Blanks With a Deep Well Online? I am looking for a cross blank that has circles in it in which you place beads. Any links will …

Where Can I Find Earring Supplies? 
Where can I find supplies to make ear wires and headpins for under $20?

Where to Find Wholesale Cheap High Quality Beads? 
Just wondering if anyone has some advice about where to shop for high quality gemstone beads? I've been buying a lot on Ebay, but the shipping fees …

Where Do I Find Sterling Silver Pendants for Stamping? 
Hi, I am new to hand-stamping jewelry but I feel I have the concept down and I am eager to start. I have purchased the letter stamps but am not sure where …

High Quality Hemp 
Where can I find the highest quality, light tan hemp of medium thickness. No lumps, not itchy, etc? Price is not a factor for me. Thank You!

Where Can I Find This Rubber Cord? 
I recently purchased a necklace on Etsy. I love it,especially the comfortable and free black rubber cord it came with. I contacted the seller …

Ring Blanks 
Supplier for ring blanks

Photo Jewelry Blanks 
Hi! I am looking for blanks (wholesale)for physical photos that will be resin filled like this. I have looked extensively to no avail. I would so appreciate …

Linking Undrilled Ovals 
I have some black ovals undrilled. Is there a way to link them other than jump rings? These have pointy ends and smooth upper part. I want to make a necklace …

5 Inch Long Head Pins 
Do you know where I can purchase a 5 inch long head pins to make appetizer picks?

Silver Plated Ring Blanks 
I know this question is asked above but this is a little different. I'm looking for deep well silver plated ring blanks to use for resin jewelry or …

Wholesale Jewelry Supplies 
Hi, I am attempting to make and sale jewelry but find it quite expensive to purchase supplies retail and make a good profit. Does anyone know of good …

Antiqued Earring Findings 
I need to find or make clip earring findings (gold plated and silver plated) with an antiqued finish. The only ones I have been able to find are too …

Metal Button Bracelet 
I bought a metal button bracelet from a vendor in Liberty Missouri, and would like to make my own. The problem is I don't have any idea of where to …

Photo Pendant Supplier 
I am looking for a heavy weight, double sided sterling pendant for photo jewelry. I have looked everywhere but I am only able to find ones where the …

Custom shaped metal logo tags 
Does anyone know of a company where I can get my logo stamped out in metal to hang on my jewelry? (personalized tags) I have found many with the little …

Where is the best place to order jewelry making supplies? 
I have just started making jewelry and, what with everything available on the internet, magazines, catalogs, etc., am a little confused as to the best …

Where to Buy Gold Wire That Looks Like Rope 
Where can I buy wire that looks like rope to make turks head knot rings?

Help! Just Starting Out But Don't Know Where to Find Items! 
I simply love this bracelet (attached) and would like to make one like it (or at least close). I found a few individual pieces at Hobby Lobby such as the …

I'm looking for UNIQUE sterling chain?? 
I'm an amateur artist looking for unique sterling and gold chain. I see it being used but cannot find a wholesale source. Everyone sells the same old …

Stick Pin Blanks 
Do you know where I can find stainless steel 5 inch stick pin blanks, also called hat pins, that I can add beads to? The other metals I've tried, like …

I Need Some Education For Earring "Coverings" 
I need to replace the "covering" on these earrings. The original is Lucite or something and I am looking for glass or crystal replacements. However, …

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Resin Bezels 
I'm having trouble finding sterling silver bezels for resin jewelry pendants and bracelets. Could you offer sources for them? Also for pewter …

Bead Triangle Dishes 
I love those little bead dishes that are triangle shaped. Can you tell me where to purchase them?

Swarovski Crystal Beads in the Phillipines? 
Hello there, could anyone help me do rings and designs... I am actually using a ten carat gold wire... Also please send me list of where to buy Swarovski …

Wholesale Jewelry: Sterling Silver Blanks  
Where can I find sterling silver blanks with gold rims?

Looking For A Leather Earring Finding Not rated yet
I would like instruction or preferably to find where I can purchase ready-made the small piece of leather that is used to secure the threads of finished …

Looking For Engravable Silver Tags Not rated yet
Does anyone know where I can get silver tags to be engraved like in the picture below? Many thanks.

Pandora-style Charm Bracelets Not rated yet
I bought 5 snake bracelets to put charms on, the bracelets have 4 raised parts for the charms to fit on. I have bought some 3mm charm round beads but …

Wire Wrapped Beaded Ear Cuffs Not rated yet
What is the best wire gauge to use when making wire wrapped beaded ear cuffs?

Looking For 6" Hat Pin Blanks  Not rated yet
I need to find a source for 6 inch hat pin blanks with round flat(known as paddle or pad) end. I cannot use the 6 inch ones with head pin ends. Any …

Sabiki Look-Alike Jewelry Not rated yet
I can get the crystals for jewelry but do you know where I can get the necklace material?

Extenders Not rated yet
Hello! Do you know how I can order extenders to go on bracelets and necklaces with the clear heart on the end (like Sabika)?

Looking For A Locket Mold  Not rated yet
I'm looking for some molds of lockets. I would like to find a manufacturer that can make custom molds for me or at least a way for me to modify them. …

Sabika Jewelry Not rated yet
Where can I find the supplies to make the Sabika jewelry. Can you buy the empty necklaces and bracelets, and just add the crystals?

Sideway Crosses Not rated yet
Where can I find sideway crosses to make bracelets or necklaces? They need to have some type of hole on either side. Looking for any type of silver, …

How To Connect Two 4mm Cords Not rated yet
Hello, I am making some necklaces or lanyard ID holders. I am using poly cord and want to string some beads and charms on the cord as well as the ID holder. …

Ending A Multi-strand Leather Cord Bracelet  Not rated yet
If I use 12 strands of 1.5 mm leather cord to make a bracelet, what size end cap should I order and are the ends just glued together first and then into …

Swarovski Crystal Choker Empty Necklaces? Not rated yet
Does anyone know where to purchase the empty necklace and bracelets that look like the "sabika" sets? I'm hoping to find them finished with the exception …

Double-sided Pendant Blank Square Not rated yet
Hi, I'm looking for a silver double-sided square pendant blank with the inner dimension of 1 1/2" square. I'm also looking for the same thing in a 1"x2" …

Where Can I Buy Flattened Jumprings? Not rated yet
I have been trying to find a place where I can purchase oval jump rings that are flattened. Links of London charms come with these style jump rings. …

Metal Casting Service Not rated yet
Can anyone share with me the contact information of a reliable/reasonable casting company? I would like to have my designs reproduced in sterling. …

Sterling Silver Beads By Weight Not rated yet
Most sterling silver beads found in retail stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels are very light in weight. I have an order from a woman who wants …

Looking For Stamped Metal Bracelet Connectors  Not rated yet
Does anyone know where I can order bracelet connectors that have a hole in each end and are stamped with sayings like,"Believe", "I love You"...sayings …

Looking for Glass Pendants / Vessels Not rated yet
I am a Ribbon and Fiber Artist. I create wall art but also little ribbon and glass jewelry art pendants in which I place my ribbon design between two …

Looking For Medical Alert Jewelry Parts  Not rated yet
Where can I find a supplier(s)of medical alert plaques, tags, charms, etc. to make my own medical alert jewelry?

Sideways Crystal Cross Not rated yet
I am looking for sideway Swarovski crystal crosses to make bracelets. Does anyone know where I can find these?

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Letter Charms for Necklaces Not rated yet
Do you know where to find letter charms to use on a necklace? I am looking for charms big enough to stamp on them.

Where Can I Find Hinged Scarf Ring Findings? Not rated yet
Where can I find hinged scarf ring findings? I am trying to make scarf rings.

Cheap Beads Not rated yet
I was told that putting "cheap" metal beads from Michaels on my sterling silver Pandora-type) bracelet would ruin it and the other expensive beads that …

Stainless Steel Bracelets Blanks For Engraving Not rated yet
Does anyone know where I could find blank 316L stainless steel bracelets for engraving purposes? I would like to buy them wholesale.

Gold Bolo Tip Not rated yet
Where can I buy long gold bolo tips in Toronto Ontario?

Mah Jong Bbracelets Not rated yet
I have Mah Jong coins and blocks and would like to make bracelets. Where can I find supplies and ideas. Thank you.

Metal Stamp Size Chart Not rated yet
Is there a chart that will explain the various sizes in metal letter and number stamps, and what those sizes look like?.

Oxidized Hinged Bracelet? Not rated yet
Where can I find oxidized silver hinged bracelets that I can apply my artwork to?

Sterling Silver Sideways Crosses Not rated yet
Where can I buy wholesale sterling silver sideways crosses? I live in NYC.

Silver Cuff Bracelet With Channel Not rated yet
Where can I buy a sterling silver cuff bracelet with a channel suitable for a seed bead inlay?

Where To Buy Sterling Silver Drawstring Toggles? Not rated yet
Where can I buy sterling silver drawstring toggles? The sliding ones used on links London friendship bracelets and cord bracelets etc. I've tried eBay …

Custom Blank Double-sided Cross Pendant Bezels Not rated yet
How would I go about getting a manufacturer from China to make me a lot of custom blank double sided cross pendant bezels? I would like to resin both …

How Do I String Beads Onto A Ring Base? Not rated yet
How do I string beads onto a ring base with 8 loops?

Sideway Crosses  Not rated yet
Where can I purchase the sideway crosses that are used on the shambella bracelets?

Undrilled Alphabet Letters Not rated yet
I am looking for flat backed charm sized alphabet letters undrilled. Where can I find them? Silver, rhinestone, alloy...I don't care!

Undrilled Alphabet Charms?  Not rated yet
I am searching for silver alphabet letters, undrilled with no link. Just a plain letter. Where can I find them?

Blank Hinge Bracelet Not rated yet
Where can I buy oxidized silver blank hinge bracelets?

Charm Bracelet Coins Not rated yet
Where can I purchase coins for charm bracelets that are rugged, smooth, whatever textured coins used for charms on a bracelet? Thank you for your time …

Getting Charms To Lay In One Direction Not rated yet
How do I get charms to lay in one direction on a chain bracelet?

Need Charms Made In Toronto Not rated yet
I am looking to have a mini-charm made for my business to add to our jewelry line but don't know where to find it. I'm looking for cost effectivness, …

Small Square Tin With Jesus Stamped On It Not rated yet
I got a small square of metal...I think it's tin and it has a picture of Jesus on a cross stamped on it and it's made in Italy. I am wondering what …

Circle Pendants Not rated yet
Where can you buy concentric circle pendants in 9ct gold for jewelry stamping?

Looking For Beads With A Groove Not rated yet
I am looking for beads,(any kind) that have a groove that you can wrap wire in. I have seen them as a flat disc type. Who sells these?

Where Can I Find Baroque Pearls? Not rated yet
Where do I purchase black baroque Tahitian pearls similar to Les Gazelles?

Making Pendant Tray Jewlery Not rated yet
Do you need the piece of glass on top of the tray or can you just fill the tray with the glaze and let it dry? Thanks, Kate D.

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Making A Pendant Into A Brooch Not rated yet
I would like to find a decorative type safety pin or something similar to attach to my pendant so I can use them as a pin. I am looking for a place …

Rope Crimps Not rated yet
I want to make a rope bracelet with a clasp. I need to know what to use to clamp rope together before I put on the clasp. What I'm looking for is something …

Polymer Clay Molds Not rated yet
Where can I find an arrowhead mold? I have found one, but it is too small.

Supplies For Jewelry Making Not rated yet
What do jewelers use to make necklaces?

Silver Wholesalers in Canada? Not rated yet
Does anyone know of sites in Canada that have silver ring blanks, metal stamps, and necklace blanks for hand stamping?

Where To Purchase Sideways Cross Connector Charms? Not rated yet
Where can I find the sideways cross connector charm to make beaded bracelets?

Drilling Holes In Semi-Precious Stones Not rated yet
I have several semiprecious stones that need to be drilled. Are there people who do this? I don't want to do this myself. Can you suggest how to …

Deep Bezel Ring Bases Not rated yet
Where can I buy deep welled ring bases.

Resin Work: Where To Find Open And Closed Bezels Not rated yet
Here are a few sources for open and closed bezels: For Resin Work: You can get sterling bezels of all types at …

Metal Floral Links  Not rated yet
Where can I buy metal floral links to add to homemade necklaces that are inexpensive?

Adjustable Ring Blanks Not rated yet
Where can I get adjustable ring blanks that won't turn my skin green?

Manufacturer Of Jewelry Findings Not rated yet
I have an idea for some base metal jewelry findings. I would like to know how I can find a reliable company to have them produced and what would be …

Hinged Bracelet Blanks Not rated yet
I am looking for a source of hinged bracelet blanks. I want to mount some brooches that I have inherited from my grandmother and wish to pass on to …

Where Can I Find Rings For A Lariet? Not rated yet
I am looking for stone, glass or metal rings with a 1 1/2 inch opening--for a lariat necklace. Thank you.

Stamping Tool For A Flat Head Birthstone Not rated yet
Is there a tool for metal stamping to insert a flat head birthstone?

Is There A Magnetic Clasp That Can Be Crimped? Not rated yet
Where could I locate a finding for bracelets where I could crimp to a cord one side and the other side have it be a magnet closer?

Where To Get Foil Backing For Resin Jewelry? Not rated yet
Could you please tell me, what kind of foil (silver in color) is used for the backing on resin jewelry pictures? Also, where can I find this item? …

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