Jewelry Making

by Brock Carol
(Greenwood, Ms, US )

I would like to learn to make jewelry so I can make money. Do you enjoy this and is it frustrating trying to come up with a design?

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The reason to create
by: Bethany

I'd say if your only purpose in making jewelry is to make money, there are probably easier and more effective ways. Especially if you don't already know how and are just starting, because there is a learning curve.

On the other hand, if you are interested in making jewelry because you enjoy it AND want to make money with your work, then go for it! Just know that it's hard work marketing yourself and yes, it's also hard work coming up with designs sometimes. But if you love to do it, then it won't be a chore to you.

My recommendation is that if you are just getting started, pick one area of jewelry-making (beading, wireworking, weaving, stringing), and make that your focus until you become good in that area, then move on to another one.

Is it frustrating? Yes!
by: Anonymous

If you're naturally creative, coming up with the designs is the easy part. It's the manufacture of the design that is difficult. Some designs come together perfectly and easily; others are very frustrating.

Making money from selling handmade jewellery, however, is *incredibly* frustrating. The market is flooded, the demand for a luxury item like jewellery is debatable, and there's a recession on. It is almost impossible to make decent money from handmade jewellery.
If you love making and marketing your own jewellery, you'll love it despite the frustrations, and eventually you may be able to make it profitable. If you don't love it, you'll become frustrated and poor in a very short space of time.

These comments comes from someone who has spent more than two years trying to make a living from handmade jewellery, and is still trying.

Is making Jewellery frustrating
by: Bella,Wirelicious Jewellery

I don't find designing wire work jewellery frustrating, I like a challenge,I would say it's more a case of needing patience,things do go wrong.

You need to love doing it tho other wise it will become a chore not really good for creating a piece somebody will want to buy.
There are easier ways of earning money!, but if you like being creative try a few different jewellery making techniques,before you decide to spend a lot of money on one thing, but be patient and practise,practise and more practise.
Have fun.

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