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Jewelry Making Videos

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Here are a selection of jewelry making videos that myself and others have posted on the web for all the land to see:

Necklace and Anklet Making

Crystal V NecklaceMake a lovely crystal V necklace. Wouldn't your mom love this for mother's day?

This video is courtesy of the Jewelry Professor :)

Need to make a beaded anklet? There's an anklet making video here that could also be lengthened into a necklace.

Tech Tuesday Videos

Tech tuesday JewelryShort jewelry making videos that focus on single techniques. Our first video shares tips for making consistent wire loops.

See the Tech Tuesday video list.

Friendship Bracelet Videos

Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Learn all the basic knots for making floss friendship bracelets. Go to the Friendship Bracelet Video Index . You'll find links to beginner and advanced friendship bracelet videos too.

The Beginner friendship bracelet: Learn to make your first friendship bracelet with video

Make a Heart Friendship Bracelet - A great instructional on a cute string bracelet pattern

Kumi what? Kumihimo beading and kumihimo bracelet making. Here are 2 videos that clealy show how to do these techniques.

Earring Making

Peruvian string art earringsMake peruvian string art earrings.

Watch a video that clearly shows how it's done.

Bracelet Techniques

Leather Wrap Bracelet VideosMake a beaded leather wrap bracelet. Isn't this Chan Luu style bracelet fun? I made a few of them myself and wear them all the time.

You can make your own too. Watch the videos for this technique on this lively discussion page. (Link above). When you reach the page, scroll down until you find the videos about a third of the way down.


Bracelet SizerHow to Size a Bracelet
Free template and video. This page has a video about how to use my easy bracelet sizer (download a template to make the bracelet sizer out of kraft paper).

Watch this Live Action Hemp knotting video by Threadbangers.


Propane Torch Work - Cheapest Torch in All the Land

My first torch was propane because I really wanted to learn how to solder, but I wanted to learn on the cheap. I'm pretty DIY and impatient too so I tend to learn by books rather than take classes. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot out there to teach you how to use propane to solder so I was a little scared at first.

Luckily, this nice man made some videos showing exactly what to do. I got over my cold feet by watching these propane torch videos.

Would I recommend using a propane torch if you can afford better? Not on your life! But, that said, it does give you a cheap way to start. (And it's not that bad, really... I just love my Blazer so much more.)

Stringing Beads
How to Hold a Propane Torch
This first video shows you how to hold a propane torch for jewelry work.

Here's how to light the torch: Click here to watch the Lighting a Propane Torch Video

And of course, you need to know how to actually solder something with your propane torch. Click here to watch a Jewelry Soldering Video that shows you how to solder a 3-wire pendant.

Forging - AKA Bang Banging with a Hammer

Forging a RingI love forging. I'm not sure why but whacking at metal with a hammer always makes me feel good inside. Click here to take a look-see at some ring band forging action.

Resin Jewelry Making Videos

Resin is next on my list of materials to experiment further with. I've used it to coat furniture in the past, and I love the glassy smoothness of it. Now that I'm into jewelry I want to play with it some more.

Here's a nice resin jewelry making video that teaches how to cast clear resin into a pendant.

Wire Technique Videos

Wire VideosHow to Make a Simple Wire Loop - The secret to making a simple loop, perfectly formed, every single time. In this video I share 7 secrets to making simple loops. If you've been having trouble mastering this pesky but fundamental technique, here's the answer to your loop forming prayers!

Learn how to straighten that pesky bent and kinked wire with this how to straighten wire video


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