Jewelry Making Tools

by david moore
(Findlay, Ohio)

Would you please send me a list of tools that I will need to learn and make beautiful jewelry?

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Jewelry making Tools for Beginners
by: Christine Gierer

Sure, no problem.

Here's what I would start out with to begin:

A pair of round nose pliers
A pair of flat nose pliers
A pair of chain nose pliers
A pair of side flush cutters

Make sure any pliers you buy aren't serrated or they will mar your wire. You can get some starter tools at a craft store - but be aware that these will only last a short time. For serious jewelry making nothing beats using the best quality tools you can afford

These will get you started so that you can finish strung bracelets, make loops, open and close jump rings, and cut wire.

Before you buy any others I suggest you do some research into the kind of jewelry you want to make. If you look through a jewelry tool supply catalogue you'll see there are hundreds of useful tools for specific purposes so it really depends what you want to achieve.

I most often make jewelry using wire, beads, and metal sheet, and I most often cold connect (meaning without a torch or solder) my components, so some of other useful tools that I use all the time include a chasing hammer, rawhide or nylon hammer, steel bench block, ring mandrel, nylon jaw pliers for straightening wire, and crimping pliers.

I use my jeweler's saw and bench pin pretty often too. These are useful if you want to get into cutting shapes out of metal or making your own jump rings.

And I must say I love my "third hand". Who couldn't use a third hand sometimes? Mine has detachable self-closing tweezers that I often use too by themselves.

I hope that helps. If you have some examples of what you'd like to learn I could give you a more personalized answer.

Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

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