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by ktj

I am looking for a course in jewelry-making and plan to sell my work after. What type of part time course would suit me best?

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A Coarse is a Coarse of Course
by: Enviroglass jewelry

I found that most beginning courses have the same or similar basic instructions. I look for the ones with good graphics as I find myself following pictorials as much as written instructions. Finding one with lots of unimpeded pictures that are clear and defining is the challenge.

Beyond basics, I look at the type of course (say, advanced wire wrapping techniques) that I want and again, look for clear definitive pictures of both the instructions and all sides of the finished product. The more close up shots of different angles, the better. Sometimes I don't have to read the course, because the pictures just make sense. It is real frustrating to not be able to quite follow the (ambiguous) verbage and also not have clear, understandable pictures.

If I had to rate one over the other, I would prefer precise pictorials or videos with minimized written verbage.

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking...
by: Robyn Hawk

If you google "wire wrapped jewelry tutorial" you will get lots of hits.


...and YouTube

All have great tutorials...if you learn better in person check with your local Bead Store for lessons.

Robyn Hawk

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