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Jewelry Design Ideas

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Jewelry design ideas just fill my head all the time.  I thought I would do a series of jewelry design articles and instructions.  Maybe getting them out of my head and into the computer would help me sleep better at night!.

My Latest Idea Tutorial: The Necklace Finisher

necklace finisher click here for tutorial

I call this one "Seven at One Blow" because I show you how to make one necklace finisher that can finish any number of half finished projects.  Or at least finish them enough that you can wear them one-at a time. 

If you like to just see my seven finished projects, visit my "Seven at One Blow" Necklace Gallery.


Previous Jewelry Design Ideas:

Versatile Bead Link

Beaded RingSee this bead link on the right?  Guess what it can be?  I'm thinking it can be a link in a chain.  Maybe it can be an earring design component.  Or maybe I could connect a whole bunch with jump rings and make a funky bracelet.

What can YOU make?  Follw these instructions for making these beaded ring links yo' fine self...



Adding Color to Metal

Imagine injecting your metals with blue, red, or chartreuse. I'm not talking about beads or gemstones (although I looove those too…).

I can think of three intriguing but common materials that can be bonded, glued, or dripped onto metal to add colour.  Click here to learn more about how to colorize the metal in your jewelry


Quick Jewelry Design Idea : Odds and Ends Charm Bracelet

I have a charm bracelet that always gets compliments whenever I wear it.  I used up a lot of orphan beads, some wire wrapping experiments, the charms from matchless earrings, and a bunch of other odds and ends. 

Charm Bracelet

Here's how you can make your own.

  • Gather all your orphan beads, wire charm experiments, some buttons, and anything else you think would look cool.  Make a pleasing mix that seem to go well together.

  • Use headpins and the wrapped loop technique to turn your beads into bead dangles.  

  • Get a 1/4" or 1/8" roll of ribbon in a coordinating color, and a chain link toggle bracelet (commercially made or make your own with a 6 1/2" piece of chain link chain, 2 jump rings or split rings, and a toggle clasp).


Charm Bracelety Closeup


  • Using snippets of ribbon, tie the charms, dangles, and button onto the chain link bracelet with surgeon's knots. 

  • Snip the ribbon ends so that they hang free (about 1/2" long looks nice) and put a spot of white glue or clear nail polish on each end of ribbon if you don't want the ends to fray.

(Almost) Free Pendant Idea:

Here's an easy way to make a pendant.  And your main material is free!

Formica TagsWhat To Do:

  • Go to Home Depot or similar store and get a bunch of formica tags. Formica tags?  You know, those sample chips of formica (countertop laminate) they have in the kitchen cabinet/counter planning area.

  • For a larger size pendant, use them as is.  This is the easiest way to transform them since they already have a hole drilled into them for easy hanging. 

  • To make a smaller pendant, cut them down using a small saw and a miter box.  Drill a new hole (or holes), and attach jump ring(s).

Now you have a base to decorate!  Try making a mini collage, use a vintage photograph, or glue down some buttons to make a funky mixed-media pendant. 

  • I like to use artist's acrylic gel medium to glue everything down and seal it at the same time.  Golden's brand works really well.  You can find acrylic gel medium in art supply stores.   Mod Podge is a similar product that you can find in a craft store (not good for gluing down things like buttons but good for paper collage/decoupage).  

Here's an example of a half-finished pendant I'm making.  I glued down a leafy bit from a container of potpourri.  I haven't yet decided what else to put on it.

Leafy Pendant (Half-Finished)

Formica tags would make a nice base to make jewelry similar to Pattie Tierney's Storybook Earrings.  Shhh!  Don't tell her I told you...

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