Jewelery Glue

by Pam

I am making some button necklaces using waxed linen cord.

2 questions:

1. I need a good supplier of waxed linen that comes in several thicknesses and several colours. I'm finding that some are way easier to work with than others.

2. I am plaiting(braiding) several threads and splicing more in when I need them. This creates an "end" which I need to glue down. But the glue makes a hard "itchy" place on the necklace! Any ideas for good glue to use?

Pam from NZ

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Appropriate glue
by: Anonymous

Thanks for that! I'm using button necklace making as therapy after going through the Christchurch Earthquake.

E6000 maybe
by: Cindy

Hey Pam,
E6000 is a good glue to try too. It is slightly flexible when it's dry - kinda like rubber cement on steroids - but it does dry cloudy. I think a few experiments may be in order. ;)

GS Hypo Cement
by: Ruby

Hi Pam,

You might try GS Hypo Cement. I've never tried it on waxed linen, but I like it for fine detail work because it has a needle point tip, so you can really aim it and get the glue just where you need it.

You can get a tube for $5-$6 dollars from several online suppliers as well as some of the big box Brick & Mortar craft stores.

Hint - have a toothpick or two handy to scrap off excess if you accidently get too much. Don't use your fingers or a Q-tip (you'll get little cotton fibers in your work).

And remember a little goes a long way.

Good luck!
Ruby of RubysRelics.etsy.com

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