Is Switching Square Wire To Round One Possible?

by Corinne

In some patterns square wire is specified. Is it possible to use the round wire and hammer it before using to make it flat, and use it like in a ring shaft?

Hammering the wire, will it ruin it?



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Thank you for the info
by: Corinne

Thanks for the information. I will try to switch to the round wire without hammering...

Hope it will suit my need to create the ring.

by: Silverlox


I have many online jewellery making friends and know that in large parts of the world, it's impossible to find other than round wire. If you want square or half-round, you'd need to import it and pay expensive custom fees and taxes. Not an option when you are a hobbyist.

This is how I know that almost everything made with square wire, can also be made with round wire!

However, it is a trade-off. Round wire behaves differently. For one thing, it's more difficult to stack. This simply means that you'll need to work a little more on your technique and use more tape to hold the stacks together while binding the.

If you are using solid wire, hammering won't damage it and it would probably be a lot easier to stack. You could also hammer the binding wires flat, giving them a lower profile when you bind you stacked wires.

But! If you are using any type of craft or plated wire, you will kill the plating by hammering it. No brand/type of plated wire will stand up well to hammering, in effect you'll ruin the surface of the wire. Always use solid wires for hammering, like pure copper, sterling or fine silver.

Filled wire, like gold filled or sterling filled can be hammered gently, as the outer layer is much thicker than a plating, plus it is bonded to the core metal, so it won't crack or loosen from the core. There are limits, though, to how much hammering it will stand up to.

Please also remember that hammering any metal will work harden it very quickly. If you intend to do any type of weaving after hammering, the metal MUST be annealed, or it will turn brittle from being overworked.

Now, annealing is a whole 'nuther subject. So I'll end the reply here.

Hope it helps! :-D

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