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Is It Normal For The Candy Stripe To Twist?

by J. Danks

My Bracelet - In Progress

My Bracelet - In Progress

I am making a Candy-stripe friendship bracelet, and as I keep knotting, the bracelet is twisting. Is this normal?

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by: Anonymous

Thanks! Your comments really helped!

Too Tight
by: Anonymous

I think you are pulling the knots too tight or unevenly. You might want to make them looser. Just take your time.

Twisting Friendship Bracelet
by: Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

No, it's not really normal, but its a common problem for a friendship bracelet to twist. The biggest reason for twisting is that you are not doing two knots each time.

Are you doing double knots? My bracelets used to curl because I only did one knot.

Now that I do 2 knots, my bracelets don't curl.

You might want to review the forward knot and backward knot instructions. If you notice, each knot is really a double knot.

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