Is it Legal to Make Jewellery Using Symbols or Images of a Rock Group on it?

I am making jewellry with symbols and images of Led Zeppelin and I am wondering if it is legal to sell these items to friends or at flea markets.

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Oct 03, 2012
Using Rock Group Symbols / Images In Jewelry
by: Torch Fairy

Most symbols and/or images are copyright protected.

In order to use them legally you have to have permission of the copyright holder. It doesn't matter if you are making jewelry or painting murals or just sharing photos that are the property of someone else you have to have permission to do so.

Disney is a good example of how strict these rights are. If you use anything of theirs and they find out they sue you.

You end up paying a huge fine. You can buy Disney patterns (pictures) that come with a copyright usage contract but that is the only way you can use their art work.

Check with the group before using their art work. Some are more than willing to allow usage others refuse.

Hope this helps.
Torch Fairy

Oct 02, 2012
Legal To Sell Rock Group Images.
by: Alice

From what I've read, no, its not legal.

It's like infringing on a copy write of the group. They have the only right unless you have permission from them.

Oct 01, 2012
Copyright Laws
by: Anonymous

I don't think so as all logos and symbols are copyright and you would need their permission in writing or they could sue you.

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