Irregular Fused Glass Pendants and Rubber Tubing Question

by Irregular Fused Glass Artist
(Florida, USA)

Irregular Fused Glass and Rubber Cord Necklace

Irregular Fused Glass and Rubber Cord Necklace

I'm making irregular fused glass focal pendants. I'm using rubber cord with wire threaded through it as the necklace with a toggle on the back.

My question...

I don't want to fire hooks into the piece or drill holes. I would like to have the rubber tubing come behind the pendant (they are about 1 1/2 x 3" in size).

Can I glue something that the cord would feed through and, if so, what finding would I use?

I bought some curved tubes but they are too small for the wire I am using. I tried cutting the rubber cord and feeding the wire through the curved tubes.

Thank you in advance.


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