I Need Some Education For Earring "Coverings"



I need to replace the "covering" on these earrings. The original is Lucite or something and I am looking for glass or crystal replacements. However, I don't even know what to call that type of item.

The earrings have a butterfly wing underneath the plastic covering which has a picture reverse painted on it. I just want plain crystal or glass pieces of the same shape (a bit domed) as the plastic so that you just see the wing - no picture.

I tried to remove the painting, but ruined the plastic in the process. :(

Can you tell me what this type of item is called and where I can get them? I've seen other butterfly wing jewelry of different shapes and sizes that I'd like to do the same thing to.

Thanks for your help.

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You could try resin
by: Kim (aka Cisray)

Trying to find a replacement presents a few problems.

1) I know I've seen something similar but, sorry, don't have a bookmark. These pieces are liable to be called by several different names and matching size could be a real problem.

2) Trying to apply a replacement piece may leave excess glue and mar the overall effect.

If there is a slight lip left after removing the clear domes you might try using a clear resin to fill in and protect the illustration. ICE Resin is available at a number of beading and craft sites and would work wonderfully.

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