How to Use A Bead Stringer With Wire?

by Kaymie

Hello...Great website!

I bought a bead stringer and want to use it for stringing seed beads onto wire.


I cannot figure this out. I prefer wire over thread and am currently using Accu-Flex 21 strand wire.

Placing the wire into the bowl does not seem to work.

The set came with two needles, but I think they are only for thread.

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Thank You for Suggestion
by: Kaymie

I think I am losing patience with those little buggers myself.

Even using thread just to string them on... alot of them do not have consistent sized holes and the smallest ones have to be removed from the needle.

Thank you for your suggestion!

Bead on!! :)

Bead Stringer with Wire
by: Christine Gierer

I don't know if this is the easiest way to do it, but here's what I've done in the past:

1. I've used very thin 30 gauge wire instead of the needles.

2. I've also tried using the needle with thread then slid the wire through the threaded beads.

Neither way really seemed all that fast and to be honest I don't work with seed beads very often. I generally don't have a lot of patience for those tiny beads.

Anyone have any ideas to help with a bead stringer?

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