How to Stop Pendant on Chain from Swiveling

I have been making pendants from sterling silver wire and am attaching them to a chain.

The pendant seems to always turn backwards when I'm wearing it. I'm using a jump ring to attach it to the chain.

Any advice as to how to keep it from swiveling?

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re: Swiveling Pendant
by: Alastar Dragonfly

Get rid of the jump ring and put an actual bail on it. Get one that has a little width to it and that will reduce the problem dramatically.

With a simple jump ring there is not enough width to stop it from spinning as it moves side to side in normal movement. A bail with some width will give it some more metal to sort of 'hold' it in place as it were.

This will not completely stop it though, nothing will completely stop it. Getting a very stiff chain that won't twist around itself to wear it on might stop it completely, but that may look out of place since you apparantly have it on a fairly fine chain now.

Good luck. ;o)

A remote possiblity...?
by: Anonymous


Alastar Dragonfly is right on track with that excellent advice. 5 stars for sure. I'd only add a tiny question -- can you somehow weave your wrapped-wire creation *into* the chain? In the perhaps unlikely event that you can, that might give more structural strength to prevent swiveling...

Best of luck to you. Let us know what turns out to work best!

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