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How to Size a Bracelet

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Figuring out how to size a bracelet... You'd think it would be pretty straightforward. It wasn't for me. For me sizing a bracelet used to be one of the most frustrating endeavors! And then....

Size a Bracelet What's on this page...


The Story of the Stubborn Bracelet Maker

Once there was a woman named Christine.  Christine made many many bracelets. 

Even though Christine got many many bracelets sized wrongly and had to take them apart and restring them, Christine persisted in making bracelets, hoping one day she would stumble upon the secret for sizing bracelets properly. 

Did Christine spend way too much time measuring and still not getting it right?  Yes, she did. 

One day Christine saw a very simple looking tool for sizing bracelets at a bead store.  Did Christine purchase it?  No she did not.  Christine didn't want to spend the money on such a simple looking device.  So she continued to make ill-fitting bracelets, wasting her time and money restringing onto expensive silver-plated cable, and putting many many used and now useless sterling silver crimp tubes in the her scrap silver receptacle. 

Christine was stubborn you see, and refused to pay money for a simple cardboard tool, even though she knew it would save her a lot of time and frustration.

One day, after restringing yet another bracelet yet another time and still not getting it right, perfectionist Christine decided she would make her own bracelet sizing device. 

Christine painstakingly formed a cone out of an old file folder and carefully measured small to average to larger wrist sizing sizes in quarter inch increments onto her homemade cone.  Then she placed her newly-restrung-but-not-yet-crimped bracelet onto her newest tool.  She adjusted the sizing until it was perfect, and crimped her crimps tight.  

The moment of truth had arrived. Christine tried on the bracelet.

Did Christine get it right this time?  You bet your bippy she did. 

Christine was so happy she danced a little jig (a little poetic license here) and then decided she would share her new favorite tool with the world. 

And here it is.  Christine fervently hopes she's not breaking any patent laws by publishing it.

The bracelet sizer template you see in the video is a PDF download.   You can download it here...

Download Instructions


To download this file, Right-click and choose "save as"

To open it, find the file on your hard drive and double click on it.

Bracelet Sizer PDF**
( 2.65 MB)

Using the Bracelet Sizer - How to Size a Bracelet Video

To learn how to make the bracelet size tool and how to use it, watch the video here:

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**To view this pdf you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have it already installed on your computer, go to the Adobe site to download it for free from Adobe Acrobat.

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Bracelet Sizing Tips

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