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How to Make Silver Jewelry

Sterling and Garnet Disc Earrings Tutorial

Silver and Garnet Brushed Disc Earrings

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Imagine getting a crash course in how to make silver jewelry. 

Check out this earring tutorial and see if it doesn't make metalworking and wire-wrapping seem as easy as pie.

This is a beginner to intermediate tutorial.  If you've had some experience making jewelry, but want start getting into metalwork, this is a great starting point. You'll pierce, wire-wrap, oxidize, ball silver with a torch (optional), and create a brushed patina (also optional).

The hardest part of this gorgeous project is finding the cash to buy all the tools, and finding a jewelry supply to get them from.  If you already have the tools, this project will be a cake-walk.

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Tools and Materials List
Page 3: Balling Wire and Piercing
Page 4: Attaching the Beads
Page 5: Making a Wrapped Loop Eyepin
Page 6: Make a Simple Forged Loop
Page 7: Assemble Components and Make a Steel Brushed Patina

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