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Sterling and Gemstone Disc Earrings Tutorial

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Page 4: Attaching the Beads

garnet silver headpin

Step 5:

Slide your beads onto your headpins

silver headpin bead and disc

Step 6:

Slide the discs on behind the beads. 

Make sure you're putting them through the right holes and the discs are facing the right way.

wire-wrapping the bead

Step 7: Hold one of the discs with your non-dominant hand while grabbing the headpin wire with the other.

wire-wrapping-step 2

Step 8: Make a tiny wrapped loop behind your disc to secure your bead.

1. Use your round-nosed pliers to bend the wire into a tiny loop, removing and repositioning them as needed.

2. Grap the loop with your chain-nosed pliers and wrap the wire tail around the bottom of the loop 2 or 3 times.

3. Flush cut the wire and tuck it down close to the wrap with your chain-nosed or (my personal favourite) the round part of your crimping pliers.

wire-wrapping step 3
the beads are secured


The discs with the beads secured to them should look something like this at the back.

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Tools and Materials List
Page 3: Balling Wire and Piercing
Page 4: Attaching the Beads
Page 5: Making a Wrapped Loop Eyepin
Page 6: Make a Simple Forged Loop
Page 7: Assemble Components and Make a Steel Brushed Patina


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