How to Make Earrings

Just starting out. Need to know how to make earrings.

What are the steps to do a finished pair.

Thank you.

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How To Make Earrings
by: Linda

You can buy a ball and post or a french hook set of earrings, then use either a eye or flat end pin to line up some or one bead on to it.

Use your round nose pliers and place them about a third of the way from the tip (you can change this if you don't like the size of the hole) and bend the pin over 90%.

Place your round nose on the bent part at the top of the bend and make a circle with the wire. Wrap the wire around the bead's wire at least once if not 3 times (the best look) snip off the remainder, with your chain nose squeeze the tip you just cut into the wire so it doesn't stick out.

Open the hook by twisting the opening sideways on the french hook. Place the loop in the opening and twist back and you are done.

If using the ball and post earring, slip the wire in in the middle of making the circle of the wire, then when your done with the twisting and pinching it will be done.

That is using a head pin or flat bottom pin. If you are using an eye pin, you can twist the eye open and add another bead. you prepare it like the rest and make the loop on top of the bead, twist, clip, pinch and add to the loop.


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