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How to Make Anklets

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Chain Anklet

So you want to learn how to make anklets?

I think some people call them ankle bracelets but aren't those the things you wear when the cops want to keep track of you? I don't know how to make those, but you'll find some pretty good information on making anklets here.

Anklet Articles and Projects

Anklet SizeGetting the Perfect Anklet Size

Getting the right anklet size can be tricky. Learn how to measure and size your ankle bracelet for perfect drape, or, alternatively, how to make it adjustable.

Chain Anklet Make a Chain Anklet Step by Step

Make an easy chain anklet with step by step instructions and lots of pictures. This project is a beginner project and takes about 5 minutes. Imagine how many you could make in an hour...

Beaded AnkletMake a Beaded Ankle Bracelet

Learn how to make a beaded anklet using simple jewelry making methods. With images, video, supply list. This video isn't very clear visually, but the audio description is excellent so you shouldn't have trouble getting the gist of the technique.

Simple Hemp and Bead Anklet Simple Hemp and Bead Anklet

Learn how to make a simple beaded ankle bracelet using some hemp twine and beads. This is a good project to do with 9 or 10 year olds to teach them simple knot control.

Anklet Questions and Answers

Here are some questions and answers from the ask and answer pages

More Anklet Project Ideas

make anklet project

This friendship necklace project could easily be made into an anklet project by just making a shorter one or wrapping around the anklet many times.


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