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re: Resin
by: Alastar Dragonfly

Some of the hardeners used in the 2-part resins will actually eat the plastic up. If you already have it covered in material, then you won't be able to tell the extent of the damage or if there is even any damage to start with. Before you even start, put a drop of the resin hardener on the inside of the bracelet where it won't be seen if it does melt a little. If it starts to eat into the plastic, then wipe it off ASAP so it doesn't eat through. If it does no damage, then you can do it without issue.

As for actually coating the bracelet, you will have to do it in two phases I'm afraid. You can lay it on it's face with the ends pointing up to get the inside and the upper parts of the ends. Once this dries, you can place the inside of the bracelet on top of almost anything tall enough to keep the ends off of the workspace. Then you can coat the outside all the way around and the inside of the ends.

I have never done this before, but in theory it will work.

Good luck ;o)

3-d Crystal Lacquer for everything!!
by: Robin

I recommend 3-d Crystal Lacquer. It dries fast, you can use it for molding like you would the resin, except its easier and cleans up with water. I have used it with a brush on fabric and on stones. It dries to the touch and recoat in about 15 to 20 minutes. Usually solid in an hour. It always pays to test your item on the inside, but I love this product and use it for sealing dyed stones, hardening fabric, even sealing knots. It gives a slightly 3-d effect and has a high gloss.

This stuff is almost like a gel and will pool up and adhere to itself. I gave up resin when I found this product. Nothing to mix, no fumes!!

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