How To Braid 6 Different Colors?

by Tierra Shipley
(State College,PA)

Multi-Colored Braided Bracelet

Multi-Colored Braided Bracelet


I'm trying to replicate this bracelet using 6 colors of hemp. Hopefully someone can tell me what type of knot to use and send me in the direction of some detailed instructions.

I'm trying to make a gay pride choker.


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Braiding 6 Different Colors
by: Anonymous

First take the strings,wrap them all around your finger once, then take the tips, put them through the loops and pull it.

Then take the string farthest to the right and make it look like a four around the others. pull it under through the loop and pull. Repeat this step.

You can alternate colors but still do the same thing. Tie it off the same way you tied it in the beginning and cut off any excess string.

If you want to start it with a loop, fold the strings equally in half and then wrap them around your finger the same way but tie the strings from both sides at the same time.

How To Make This Choker
by: Germaine

Hi. Has anyone found out how to make this choker yet?

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