How to Adjust Your Bracelet Sizer For Larger Sizes?

by Cheryl
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I have larger-than-average wrists and have always had difficulty finding bracelets that fit properly.

I have decided to make my own and would like to adjust your bracelet sizer for my larger sized wrists.

Can I just add on additional measurements to what you've already created?
Thank you!

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Extender Chains
by: Simply Stacy Jewelry


You can usually find extender chains for pretty cheap. They won't work with all clasps, but a lot of times, that is your best bet.

I have a bracelet in my shop that has one on it. Check it out so you can see what I am referring to: etsy.com/view_listing

Hope that helps!

Simply Stacy Jewelry

Yes, It Helps Somewhat
by: Anonymous

Yes, your response helps somewhat. However, I am interested in making my own bracelets.

The bracelet sizer on your site does not have sizes large enough for me and I am interested in knowing how to adjust that sizer for my size wrists.

Thank you.

What I Use...
by: Starla

I just use normal chain for my bracelets and it normally works out fine. Hope this helps!


Substitute for sizer
by: Anonymous

Cheryl, I don't have the answer for Christine's sizer. I've measured between the lines, and it doesn't look like it's a uniform fraction.

Until she answers, thought I would tell you what I have done: find a bottle that is the size in circumference that I want the bracelet to be. (I wrap a tape measure around it to check.) Then as I'm making the bracelet, I periodically pick it up and wrap it around the bottle to see if it is the right size. Right now I have 4 bottles of different sizes sitting on my work table, so I'm glad to have Christine's template to make my own sizer. Hope this helps a bit.

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