How Do I Finish a Bracelet?

by Bec

I'm having trouble in my visual design class. We are making jewelry and I am making a beach-themed bracelet. I don't know how to tie the bracelet to finish it. All my friends know how to and seem to be having no problems! I feel like an idiot. Can you please help me? And maybe give me some patterns to make?

Worried Student NSW

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re: Finishing Bracelet
by: Alastar Dragonfly

Use what is called a Surgeon's Knot and I guarantee that you won't have any problems with it.

Okay, I feel sure that you know how to make an overhand knot, correct? When you make the loop and pull the thread back through, instead of pulling the knot tight, flip the free end of the thread over the top again and pull it back through the loop a second time, then pull it tight. When pulled tight, the knot will roll up on it's side and look somewhat like a wire wrapped loop. This knot will normally never work loose on it's own, but a spot of good glue on the knot as a safeguard might save you some grief later. Good luck. ;o)

Surgeon's Knot For Finishing A Bracelet
by: Christine

Thanks for that Alastar!

It's always nice to have a visual too so here's asurgeon's knot tutorial too - just click the active link.

Good luck :)
Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

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