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Home Jewelry Business Articles

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Here are some home jewelry business articles to help skyrocket you to jewelry design empire success (or at least carve out a little fiefdom to call your own).

A Home Party Success Story New!
Guest author Paula Beal proves that having a successful home jewelry party can be a pretty easy, low key affair - even as a firts-timer!. Read how she did it.

Sell More Jewelry By Blogging!
A blog is an excellent tool for selling your jewelry online. In fact, many jewelry artists sell their work exclusively from their blogs. Read how you can sell more jewelry by blogging too.

Pricing Your Jewelry
Do you wonder how to price your handmade jewelry? Learn some common pricing formulas and how to use the power of the internet to help you decide your price point.

Pricing Jewelry and Other Business Questions
How do you get started?  Marjorie from Washington poses this much asked question.  Read my response.

How to Sell Your Art or Craft at Juried Shows
If you sell your art or crafts at shows, fairs, and festivals, you can increase your profits by focusing on selling at juried shows.  Guest Author Rena Klingenberg teaches you why, and how to go about it.

How to Sell Designer Earrings (or anything else) via Daily Deals
Trying to sell your designer jewelry can be tough - and that's why we brought in pro Jewelry Designer Heather Saxon of Hotwired Beads to show us the way!

Jewelry Pricing
How much should I sell my handmade jewelry for? There is a whole lot more that we need to be thinking about than meets the eye if we want to make sure it sells, and still make it worth our while.

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