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Help With Tips For Selling Jewelry 
My name is Gail, I have been making jewelry for about a year and half now. I can't do regular work or the jobs I have worked before because I am disabled. …

Is it Legal to Make Jewellery Using Symbols or Images of a Rock Group on it? 
I am making jewellry with symbols and images of Led Zeppelin and I am wondering if it is legal to sell these items to friends or at flea markets.

How To Sell My Jewlery 
Hi, my name is Lenora and I have made a lot of jewelry and I want to sell it but I don't know how. I have tried everything but nothing works . So please …

Ideas of Where to Teach Private Jewelry Lessons 
Hello. I would like to know some ideas of where to teach private jewelry lessons in a public atmosphere. I do not want to go to people's homes, nor …

Packaging for your jewelry...? 
Hi, I'm looking for the boxes for jewelry that have a cardboard box, the cushiony stuff in the box, and a clear lid. Does anyone know where I can …

Pricing Handmade Jewelry 
how do you know what to charge?

Is it better to sell on Etsy or Artfire, or your own site?  
Is it better to sell your handmade jewelry on your own site (that sells other items besides jewelry) or is it better to sell on Artfire & Etsy?

Newlsetter, mailing lists and promoting your website 
Thanks for all the helpful suggestions that you are providing to us. My first question is about mailing lists and newsletters. I do have a website. …

How Do I Get Exposure? 
How do I get exposure? I'm on Etsy and link to Google and trying blogs but I'm new to the blog scene so it's all foreign to me.

Setting Up "The Books" and Which Jewelry Software 
I'm in the start-up phase of my jewelry business. How does one set up "the books" and which software is used (Quickbooks?)? Also, what is the best/standard …

Pricing Your Jewelry? 
With the economy the way it is, it's so hard to figure out how to price my jewelry. I'm just starting out and having my first jewelry party on Oct 3rd. …

Where to Sell Handmade Jewelry? 
Hi, I am a jewelry designer and have made some jewelry but I do not know where I should sell them?

How Much Should I Charge For Labor To Make Their Jewelry? 
The bride has purchased all of the beads and supplies for herself and the bridesmaids. How much do I charge for labor per hour for making the jewelry??? …

Can You Copyright Your Design? 
In the past I've created a unique design, which sold well at a craft show. I showed up at another show and noticed that one of the other designers …

Is There A Market? 
Is there a market for home jewelry business? I started making things as a hobby and I have now gone beyond that.....LOL I am obsessed! I would love to …

Starting your Jewelry Selling! 
Hey! I've been making some necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for about a few years now and only started taking it serious as a side business a few …

Pricing My Jewelry 
Hi Christine, What is the best way to price my bracelets and start selling them? I'm new to this so I'm not sure where to begin. Thanks, Carol …

Pricing Jewelry and Other Business Questions  
Question: I am thinking of starting a business selling my handmade jewelry pieces. What are the best ways to get my jewelry and name out there? …

Selling My Precious Stones & Gems 
Hi! How do I go about selling jewelry supplies like Lobster Claw Clasps, Natural Stones, and Donuts for all makings of jewelry? I have all the …

Earring Display Ideas? 
I have put my earrings on a business card (vertical orientation)with all my info on it and then punched holes for the wires. I then fold the top …

Selling Bracelets Not rated yet
Can we sell bracelets we make on this site??

Start Up Costs Not rated yet
What are the costs of making jewelery? How much can I expect to spend to start my business?

Friendship Braclets For Profit Not rated yet
How do you make friendship bracelets that people would pay for?

Selling My Jewelery Not rated yet
I am a beginner. How can I go about sourcing the raw material at a cheap price?

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Should Retail Stores Carry More Handcrafted Items? Not rated yet
People don't value the art work in handcrafted items anymore and too many craftsman don't neither. I'm sick of seeing under priced creativity. …

Getting Rectangular Beads To Lay Flat On A Neckalce Not rated yet
I am making a necklace using 10 x 14mm gemstone beads and have about 13 different beads. Some of the beads are thicker than others and some have rounded …

Duty Rate On Importing Necklace Chains Not rated yet
I am interested in assembling necklaces in the US but may want to buy the silver plated chains directly from an agent in China. What is the duty rate …

Creating And Selling Handmade Jewelry Not rated yet
Would like to start a business creating jewelry (earrings with matching bracelets and necklaces). Do I need to purchase books from you and/or can …

Question About Pricing Not rated yet
I have been a Goldsmith for 16 years, but I have always worked for a Jewelery store, and have never done the pricing for polishing jobs we just did them …

Need Selling Tips For My Designer Fashion Doll Jewelry  Not rated yet
I am a designer of high end Fashion Doll Jewelry. I also have a close friend who does the same. She uses the very cheapest materials to make simple, …

Marketing Not rated yet
Hi I really like to learn jewelry making and it is my favorite type of art. I just want to know how is the marketing of these jewelries? How popular …

Jewelry Business Timing - Is Now a Good Time? Not rated yet
I am wanting to start my own jewelry business but I'm not sure how the market is right now. Do you think that it is a good time to be in the jewelry making …

How to Put Photos on Your Web Page? Not rated yet
How do you do your photos on your web site?

How Much Jewelry Do You Need For a Craft Fair Booth? Not rated yet
Hello. I have been making jewelry on and off for a while and I am wanting to start selling. I have been thinking about trying craft shows. But I don't …

CSPIA and Selling Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Not rated yet
I make silver (either plated or solid) wire and Swarovski crystal jewelry. I am so confused about all the laws saying whether I can actually continue …

How Do I Price My Beadwork? Not rated yet
I know that one generally can not count the time put into a piece, or least figure it at a working wage! But in addition to figuring the cost of materials, …

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