Hobble Knots

by Cassie

I'm trying to make a bracelet that finishes with a knot similar to the one in the picture below. I actually saw it on a set of hobbles and have been trying to figure out how to do it ever since. If anyone has any ideas or advice I'd really appreciate it.

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Hobble knots - Sort of....:^D
by: Perri Jackson

This type of ending is generally *not* really a knot, LOL
The way this gets started is by weaving the rope - which is a hollow weave, and very stretchy - same weave as a Chinese finger puzzle. It is either started from the center of the weaving strands, or the strands are tied together in a very large round overhand knot.
About a 3in. length is woven, then passed through a large hole bead, or the very large knot is tied in the end. If the bead is used, a stopper knot is tied in the beginning that fits into the hole of the bead, but won't pass.

Then the working end of the weave is turned inside out over the bead or knot, capturing it. Then the weaving is continued. The bead or knot makes the large rounded end.

The alternative is to tie a Monkey's Fist around several strands, and then continue weaving the 'rope', with all of those strands - it won't look quite the same, but is kind of neat, too.

Hope this helps,
Perri Jackson
Shaktipaj Designs

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