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Hemp Necklace Pattern

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Spiral Hemp Necklace

Hemp and big beads were made for each other. 

Imagine making this hemp necklace with your favorite big bead. 

Simplicity is the best way to show off a great focal bead and this design does a smash up job

This necklace is really easy to make and works up quickly.  You just might want to make a matching bracelet too!

hemp necklace

  • Hemp twine, 20 lb. test (~1mm wide)
  • 1 focal bead, 2 complementary beads, 1 closure bead with large holes (large enough for two strands of twine to pass through at the same time)
  • Measuring tape

hemp necklace

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hemp necklace

hemp necklace

Step 1 : Cut two 10 foot lengths of twine.

Step 2: Fold the cords in half.  Make an OH to form a 2 strand loop just big enough for your closure bead to pass through.  You should now have a bead-sized loop, a neat, tight knot, and 4 strands of twine.

Step 3 : Make HK's until your piece measures about 7" long.

Step 4 : Thread a ceramic bead onto your filler cords.

Step 5 : Make 2 SK's, then thread your focal bead onto your fillers. 

Step 6 : Thread a ceramic bead onto your filler cords.

Step 7 : Make HK's until your necklace is about 16" long.  Check the length around your neck and add or undo SK's until you like the way it hangs.

Step 8 : Thread your closure bead onto your fillers.  This bead will slide through the loop closure.

Step 9 : Make a tight overhand knot at the base of the last bead, using all four strands of twine.  Cut off the excess twine and dab some glue onto the knot for safety.  Let it dry and you're done.  Enjoy your gorgeous new necklace!  

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