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Bubblegum Bead Hemp Bracelet Pattern

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Bubblegum Bead Hemp Bracelet This hemp bracelet pattern is fun to make, super easy, and super quick. The brightly colored beads remind me of gumballs, hence the name.

The secret to the chunky look is the thick hemp twine I used (40 lb. test).

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Who is This Bracelet Project For?

This bracelet is a fun starter project to introduce macrame to older children, ages 8 and up, and a fun one for adults too.

Have a child with an aversion to crafts? The bubblegum bracelet makes a great choker necklace for small stuffed animals. Try enticing them with that.

Stuffed Animal with Hemp Bracelet Collar

Bubble Gum Bead Bracelet Instructions

hemp bracelet pattern

  • 9 feet of thick hemp twine, 40 lb. test (~2mm thickness)
  • 12-16 colorful wood beads with large holes
  • White glue
hemp knot abbreviations hemp bracelet pattern hemp bracelet pattern hemp bracelet pattern

Useful Links:
Glossary of Hemp Jewelry Making Terms
How to Make a Sliding Switch Knot Clasp
How to Make an Overhand Knot (OH)
How to Make a Switch Knot (SW)
How to Make a Square Knot (SK)

hemp bracelet pattern
Step 1: Start Your Bracelet

Cut your 9 feet of 40 lb test hemp twine into 2 lengths.

The first length cut at 7 feet. You should be left with a second length of 2 feet.

Fold your 2 foot length in half and secure to a clipboard. Your 7 foot length will be your working strands. Using the shorter piece as your anchor strands, start by making a sliding switch knot clasp.

Bubblegum bead bracelet clasp fig.1

Step 2: Make Your First Knots

Make 1 square knot (SK) after making the above switch knot clasp end, then string a wooden bead onto each of your knotters.

hemp bracelet patternfig. 2

Tip: A knotter is a strand that is used for knotting, as opposed to an anchor strand which you knot around). Learn more hemp and macrame terms.

Step 3: Follow The Knotting Pattern

*Make 2 SK then string a wooden bead onto each of the knotters once again. Repeat from * until your bracelet is long enough to go around your wrist

Step 4: Make the Last Knots Before the Clasp

Make 1 switch knot (SW) then 1 SK.

switch knot 2fig. 3 switch knot 4fig. 4

(To make a switch knot, you leave a space, then make a square knot. For more detailed instructions, click the switch knot hyperlink above fig's 3 and 4).

Step 5: Make a Closure Knot

Using all 4 cords, make an overhand knot (OH) below your last SK.  The OH will be the 2nd half of your clasp (the part you slide through your loop.

Step 6: Trim and Glue

Trim the twine and dab some glue onto the knot and the cut ends (prevents fraying and keeps the knot tight).  Let dry.

The Finished Bubblegum Bead Bracelet

hemp bracelet pattern

Working the Clasp

I love this clasp!  Here's how it clasp works:

1. Slip the closure knot through the loop. (fig. 5)

Make sure the sliding knot is pushed down from the end so that you have a loop showing

hemp bracelet patternfig. 5

2. Push the sliding knot of the clasp up towards the closure knot. (fig. 6)

hemp bracelet patternfig. 6

3. The closure knot is now securely cpatured. (fig. 7)

To open the bracelet again, just slide the knot back again and slip the closure knot out.

hemp bracelet patternfig. 7


Of course, you can also glam up this Bubblegum Bead Hemp Bracelet too. It doesn't have to be hemp. That's what I love about this hemp bracelet pattern. It's so simple, yet still versatile.

You can use a nice silk cord and jade beads for an oriental look, or colored hemp and metal beads for 21 st century flower child style. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

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