Help! Just Starting Out But Don't Know Where to Find Items!

by Debbie

Pawprint Leather Cord Bracelet

Pawprint Leather Cord Bracelet

I simply love this bracelet (attached) and would like to make one like it (or at least close). I found a few individual pieces at Hobby Lobby such as the leather bands/strips however I don't know where to find all the other pieces or even the "real" term for what I'm looking for. Can you help educate me?

If you know of a place that has a tutorial on making leather bracelets that would be great. I checked on Google several times and never found anything but hemp bracelets, friendship bracelets and the like.

I'm a SBI site owner as well. I like your site - great resource. Thanks in advance,


This is a very interesting bracelet.  I've never seen anything really similar to this paw print link before.  I did a few quick searches but I came up with nothing.  I suspect that the link is handmade by the artist from PMC (precious metal clay). 

As to where to buy these components, you won't find these specific components in your average craft store. I'll talk more about where you can find specific components further down in my answer, but in general, you can head to your local bead shop, or check out some online bead shops like Artbeads.com as a good all-purpose shop for good quality beads and findings, Metalliferous.com for all things metal, and MonsterSlayer.com for the best prices on sterling silver wire and findings.

From your picture, I am pretty sure these are the components:

pawprint bracelet

Starting from the Leather Cord going clockwise....

Leather Round Cord: The best leather cord is made in Greece, and this looks like good quality cord.  It could be Indian cord, but usually leather cord from India looks a little rougher and of a lower quality.  I know I've seen it sold at my local wholesaler where I do my shopping, and I think Artbeads.com has some (look under string materials).

Half Round Wire or Pattern Wire:  I'm pretty sure this is pattern wire. 

Pattern wire is a band of wire that has been stamped with a pattern.  It's not what you usually think of as "wire" because its flatter.  More of a band really.  It looks like pattern wire that has been cut with a jeweler's saw and formed with round-nosed pliers. 

After being placed around the folded cord, it was smooshed flat with pliers to secure the cord.

Pattern wire is not found in your average beading store and definitely not in a hobby or crafts store.  As an alternative to pattern wire, you can get a similar look using a good heavy gauge (16 ga dead soft should do it) half-round sterling silver wire cut to size with a jeweler's saw.  Half round sterling silver wire is

flat on one side so that when it's cut, the end looks like a half-moon.  This is pretty easy to find at beading and jewelry making suppliers.  It's usually sold by the foot or the ounce. 

Alternatively, you could try using some lighter gauge round wire (20 ga or 24 ga) wrapped around tightly a few times and squoosh in the ends. Sterling silver wire won't be found in your local craft store, but almost certainly will be at any bead shop.  If you're in the U.S., online you can try Artbeads.com, Metalliferous.com, or MonsterSlayer.com.

Trigger Clasp: This type of clasp is called a trigger clasp.  You can find these everywhere, including Artbeads.com, Metalliferous.com, or MonsterSlayer.com.

Jump Ring: This particular jump ring has a goopy look to it, so it looks like it may have been soldered by hand to be purposely handmade looking. 

Charms: Anything dangly is generally called a charm or dangle.  If you're shopping, catalogues usually call them charms or sometimes pendants if they're bigger. They're attached with a jump ring.  Sometimes they come with the charm, sometimes not.

Handmade PMC Link?  A link is any finding that has two opposite holes or loops that you can link things to. 

This one looks handmade, probably out of PMC.  PMC is Precious Metal Clay.  This is a relatively new product that has been created in the past ten years or so and which is sort of a clay with fine silver particles throughout it.  The clay has some pretty specific qualities and you need to do some learnin' before you really get the hang of it, but in a nutshell, you form the clay, then fire it with a torch or in a kiln.  The heat will burn away the "clay" particles, leaving behind 99% pure silver.  You can learn more about PMC and buy supplies at CoolTools.us, PMCSupply.com or in Canada visit ArtClayCanada. (I'm drooling over the kilns - 20% off anything in store for the month of May.  Mmmmm).

I did a quick search for silver paw print links and I didn't find anything that looks like your link.  This doesn't mean that it isn't manufactured though - you know how search engines are. 


Finally, I did a search for leather tutorials on some of the web sites I know that offer a lot of tutorials, and I came up pretty empty.  (Tip for tutorial searches:  if your Google search turns up empty, try visiting online bead shops.  They'll often offer free project instructions).

I'm working on some bracelet tutorials.  I'll add leather bracelet to my list and update this page when it's ready :)

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by: Robyn Hawk

So - why not make your own focal just take a small piece of silver sheet - has to be wide enough to accommodate the double leather cord on the sides.

The easy way to make the oblong holes on the ends would be to drill a hole at the top of the opening and a hole at the end and use a jeweler's saw to connect the holes.

If it must be a paw print - cut a paw print (or multiple prints could walk across the bracelet) from an old file folder. Glue the paw prints in place in the file folder put the metal in place on top of it and run thru a rolling mill! Transferring the print to your metal...Voila!!!

OR you can do it with metal stamps.

Robyn Hawk

Re: Just Starting
by: Alastar Dragonfly

That type of clasp is also know as a Lobster Claw Clasp depending entirely on where you are standing and who you are talking to. *laughz* ;o)

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