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Handmade Headpin Making

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The Super-Basic Wire Head Pin

Headpins are so small, but can make so much difference in the look and feel of your jewelry.

What's a headpin? It's a little finding made of wire, with one end shaped in such a way as to keep a bead from dropping off. 

They can be flat at the top, like the head of a nail, round like a glass-headed pin for sewing, flattened, scroll-shaped, or they can be super fancy and look like they have a bead or shape glued onto the end of them.

How to Make the Super-Basic Wire Head Pin

This kind isn't fancy, but it does the job.

Tools and Materials


  • 20 or 22 gauge wire


  • flush cutters
  • chain-nosed or flat-nosed pliers


handmade headpin step 1 Step 1: Using your chain-nose or flat-nose pliers, grab a tiny bit of the end of your wire (you can cut your wire first, or cut it to size later.
handmade headpin step 2 Step 2: Using your thumb, grab the remaining wire close to the pliers, and bend it against the edge of the pliers.
handmade headpin step 3 Step 3: Release the pliers.  You should have a bent piece of wire similar to the one in the picture.
handmade headpin step 4 Step 4: Using your pliers, squoosh the little bent piece down.  You can now string your bead onto the wire and it won't fall off!

handmade headpin - finished


  • New to wire work?  Sterling silver wire is lovely to work with, but unless you're made of money, don't use it to practice with.  Use inexpensive craft wire or copper wire from the hardware store instead.
  • If you have crimping pliers, they are perfect for squooshing down the little bend of wire.

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