Hand Stitched Bead Embroidery Free Form Jewelry

by M.J. Hill/Hope Jewelry Creations

Free Form Beaded Embroidery NeckLace

Free Form Beaded Embroidery NeckLace

Free Form Beaded Embroidery NeckLace
The Birth Necklace
Wire Crocheted Necklace
Mona Lisa/Work in Progress

I had always admired this style of jewelry design, but I didn't know how to do it, and thought it was too hard.

I took a class in October last year at a local bead shop and within 15 minutes of instruction I was off and flying.

I was given several patterns to design my work on, I had purchased all the supplies at the store and I couldn't wait to get home and go after it.

The first one I designed was an odd shaped off circle necklace. It had row after row of glass beads, pearls, crystals, tiny stone cut birds, a metal dragonfly and in the center a glass child's face peering out of all those beads. I decided the neck piece should be on a simple silver chain. I named it "The Birth"

The next necklace was a silver fish. Surrounded with row after row of beads and the neck piece is constructed of different bright colors of stones, beads and a mermaid.

I started working on my Mona Lisa necklace in December and still haven't finished it. It will be my masterpiece. I am taking my time with it. This type of jewelry design is so quick, you can't make a mistake, it is relaxing; it almost leads you in a direction to design.

I have finished many pieces and I am almost lead to only doing this style of design. But, there are too many techniques I want to try and see how that goes.

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