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Friendship Bracelet Floss

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The string used to make friendship bracelets - friendship bracelet floss (more commonly known as embroidery floss) typically comes in skeins that are 8 meters (8.7 yards) long. 

Most friendship band patterns require at least 60 inches for each strand.  This means that you should be able to cut 5 strands per skein. 

Unless you are making a very wide or very long bracelet, one skein per color should be enough to make one bracelet.

The best friendship bracelet string comes from sewing and quilting stores, not from the dollar store.

Here are some high quality embroidery flosses for making friendship bracelets.

Floss Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Free

Heart friendship Bracelet Pattern
Chevron Pattern
Double Sized Band Friendship Bracelet
Zigzag Friendship Bracelet
Candy Stripe Floss Bracelet
Knotting Instructions: How to Make The Forward and Backward Knot

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