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Free Earring Designs, Earring Making Projects, Tutorials and Patterns List

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Earring making is so much fun and who can resist the boatload of earring patterns that now proliferate the web? They practically multiply like rabbits.

This page shares a few of the links from around the net, kindly shared by "I'm Making Jewelry in My Jam Jams" readers:

Earring Designs and More Photo: Petunia Earrings by Artbeads

Free Earring Project Links

Queen of the Nile Scarab Design Earrings
Beadpunk Earrings
Skittlestacks Earrings with Multicolored Stones
I'll Fly Away Crystals
In the Pink Dangly Crystal Earrings
Provence to Paris Filligree Victorian Style Earrings
Teal Next Time Chain Maille Earrings
Saccharin Satisfaction Ice Cream Motif Earrings
L'inverno Allegro Wire Coins and Crystal Pearls Earring Design

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