How To Make a Forward Knot

The forward knot (F) and backward knot (B) are fundamental knots to master for making friendship bracelets. Luckily, they are super easy knots to make.

This knot is usually made with embroidery floss, but it will work with other types of string too.

On this page you'll find written instructions and a video too.

Forward Knot Instructions

Forward Knot instructions

Start with the thread on the left (blue). 

Lay the thread on top of the right thread (orange).  This should make the number “4”.  (See image 1a).

Loop the left thread (blue) under the right thread (orange) and pull upwards. (See image 1b - the thread goes down after tightening upwards)

Then do it again (image 1c).

** Very very important!! You need to do that second knotting (1c) or your bracelet will curl!!!

Each forward knot is a double half-hitch knot (in macrame speak). You must repeat this little loopy knot twice. One time is a half-hitch, twice is a forward knot.

The left thread will now be on the right.

Still confused?  Watch the video below:

Forward Knot Video Tutorial

Most Frequently Asked Friendship Bracelet Question of All Time

Why is my friendship bracelet curling?

Answer: You need to make each knot twice before moving onto the next knot.

More Knots

Backwards Knot (B)

This is the same as a forward knot except you are using a thread (knotting thread) on the right of an anchor cord (the thread being knotted onto) to do the knotting.  It is the mirror image of the forward knot essentially.

You would choose this knot because you have a strand you wish to knot and want to end up with the knotter to the left of its anchor.

I made a backwards knot tutorial too so please check that out if you can't visualize doing a backward knot from my description ;-)

Forward-Backward Knot (FB)

This knot starts with the first loop of the forward knot and ends with the backward knot.  This means that the thread on the left will stay on the left when the knot is completed.
Watch a video to see how to make a forward-backward knot

Backward-Forward Knot (BF)

This knot is reverse of the FB knot.  It starts with the backward knot and finishes with the forward knot.  The right thread will stay on the right. 

Watch the backward-forward knot video to see a demonstration.

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