Finishing Bracelets

by Maria
(Cleveland, USA)

Are there other ways to "finish" friendship bracelets other than the braided ends?

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Tie Off The Ends
by: Anna

You can just tie the ends together but I like the braid version better.

Ways To Finishing Bracelets
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm actually also looking for different methods of finishing the bracelets and there's one particular one that I'm looking for.

It can allow one to pull loosen or tighten with two ends without taking out any strings.

Any idea how to do it?

Another Way To Finish
by: Chloé

Yes, there are other ways to finish friendship bracelets.

Most of the time what I do is at the beginning, if the bracelet has a loop at the top, I chose one string to be an extra ten inches so at the top (before the loop) it is five inches higher than the others.

Then I chose a different color to do the same as the longer string except instead of passing at the top it passes by five inches at the bottom.

Then you make the bracelet as you normally would but you should make the bracelet an inch or two smaller then your wrist because at the end what I do is I take the two long strings and I put one or two small beads on the ends of the strings that are longer than the others and tie a few knots so that the beads stay on the strings.

Then I take one or two strings ( optional ), take the two longer strings hold them together tie twenty forward knots with the one or two strings that I mentioned earlier and voilà, your bracelet is done!


Chloé P age 9 and bit more than three quarters

Other Ways To Finish Friendship Bracelets
by: maddy


I was also wondering about different ways to "finish" friendship bracelets;then I thought of making/creating different ways myself.

Some ways you can finish it are just leaving the string, maybe adding clasps, or you can think of other creative ways yourself! The possibilities are endless!

I hope you can use this information helpful! And good luck on your bracelet making!

Finishing Friendship Bracelets
by: Anonymous

Yes, you can just tie a knot.

How Do You Finish A Friendship Bracelet?
by: Sarah

I have seen your video's but I am having trouble finding one that shows you how to finish the bracelet.

Am I missing something or did I over look the link for the video?

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