Finishing a Wire Beaded Loop for Earring

by Catherine Kamenir

I had difficulty bending wire into a loop, so I cut some wire and looped it.

I finished with a crimp bead. How does a jump bead fit to connect to the wire earring? I am just a beginner. Thanks!

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finishing a wire beaded loop
by: Deb

I think I understood you to say that you made a ring out of wire and you closed it with a crimp bead and now you want to attach that ring to your earring wire?

When you say "jump bead" are you referring to a jump ring? If this is the case and you can make or buy jump rings in many different sizes that would attach to your ring and then attach to the ear wire.

The way the ring hangs though will be dependent on what direction your ear wire loop is facing and may require 2 jump rings to get it to hang right or a repositioning of the loop on your ear wire or perhaps making your ring more like a jump ring in the closing of it instead of using the crimp bead. I hope I haven'
t cluttered the orig
inal question. Forgive me, my mind goes a thousand different ways when solving jewelry issues.

Good luck,

Deb :)

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