Fastening Advanced Bracelets

I see how to fasten bracelets that have a loop in one end. But how would you wear a bracelet (like the waves and loops pattern) that simply has a knot in each end?

How would you tie it on or fasten it?

Also, when I click on the link that says "to skip to questions from other visitors, click here," nothing happens.

Thank you

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Securing Your Friendship Bracelet
by: Cassandra ~admin

Hey Donna,

That's because nothing had been posted, yet~ :) The Friendship Bracelets Ask & Answer page is brand new.

Now, about fastening the bracelets... You can just tie them into a snug overhand knot and be okay. We have a quick tutorial of them here:


I'd say do a double, but not too tight or you won't be able to get it off!


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