Ending Off Loom Work

I just want to know how do you end off loom work?

I have a small loom and did some beadwork on it but I just knotted the strings and strung it back through the beads.

Is there another way how to end off loom work especially when you made a bracelet?


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Finishing Loom Work
by: mrscp

I wondered how to do this and found an answer but can't remember where so can't give praise to the person who thought it up. What they said was to not cut the warp threads but do a continuous warp and when you have finished pull the outside warp thread and keep on pulling until the narrow end of the loom work has no threads hanging off it.

You have to be careful not to catch the warp thread as you bead. I used fishing line so it doesn't split.

I am in the middle of trying this so at least to start I found it easier to work out how long I wanted the warps to be and wrap this round a book or something the right size remembering to count the threads both sides of the book (half the warps each side).

When I had finished wrapping I tied the threads together with a spare piece of thread at each end of the book and hooked these onto the pin in the dowels on the loom. I hope you can understand this. It's a bit confused but hopefully you will get it.

by: shotokanstealth

Thanks, this really helped me with my bead work because I am making a bracelet for a gift exchange.

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