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Enamel Jewelry Making Resources and Suppliers

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You'll find a LOT of enamel jewelry making supply sources and other resources here. I've been a little obsessed with enameling lately.



Beginner Kits

More Suppliers

Emporium Vitreum: (Canada) Canadian enamel supplies. Enamelist Catherine Crowe runs this mail order supply house for Canadian enamelists. I get my Thompson enamels from Catherine. She ships fast and has great customer service.

Painting With Fire Studio: (USA) Author Barbara Lewis' store . You can get a beginner kit here, as well as other supplies for torch firing enamel.

Delphi Glass (USA): Stained glass supplies, enamels, enamel jewelry making books, kilns, lampwork supplies, and other jewelry making supplies.


This is my favorite enameling book. If you only buy one enameling book, buy this one. I have many others, but this is the one I go to over and over again for reference and inspiration:

The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration by Linda Darty

Image of Book "The Art of Enameling" by Linda Darty

What's in this book:

- Written by a professor of enamel with many years of experience.

- Answers all the questions a novice might have with passion and clarity

- Shows you how to effortlessly create artist quality jewelry and other enameled items

For the Novice:

Fundamentals of setting up a studio:

- Materials
- Tools
- Safety

How to get started with enamel:

-What is enamel
-The basic process of how to enamel successfully.
-The basics of firing by torch and by kiln.
-How to and when to use opaque, translucent, and transparent enamels

Techniques Galore:

Clear explanations with many well-photographed examples of traditional, contemporary, and even experimental techniques including:

-Enamelling on fold formed metal
-Firing enamel onto meshed forms
-Using burnable objects to create color variations
-Using enamel paints to create tiny representational artworks
-Simple overfiring techniques that create unique effects

An ideal coffee table book for any well styled artisan or enthusiast.

Sound good? You can buy it from This is a great price on it too. Here's the link: The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects, Inspirationat time of writing the selling price was $10.09 USD. I am sure I paid double that price...

Oh well. On to kilns!


Here are some suppliers if you decide to go whole hog after trying enamel jewelry making and decide you must have a kiln.

  • CoolTools is primarily a metal clay supply house but they carry kilns that will do for enameling. They have a good comparison resource here.

  • (Canada): Artistry in Glass is located in London Ontario and they offered me a great deal on a Paragon Caldera with an enamelling collar (a separate item).

    The Kiln I Use:

    I ordered the Caldera after a long time researching and hemming and hawing.

    Here's the Caldera Kiln:

    My kiln looks like the above, except I also got an extra part called an "enameling collar" that is inserted beneath the part with the blue control box. It has a door that lifts up so it's perfect for enamels. If you need a kiln that is good for enamel but is also good for ceramics samples, metal clay, glass bead cooling and more, I highly recommend getting a Caldera with the add-on E-collar.

    Here's a link to the enameling collar: Caldera Add-on Enameling Collar.

    I almost bought a Paragon SC2 until I realized it doesn't get hot enough to do ceramics. I want the flexibility to do ceramics too if I'm going to spend the money to get me a kiln.

    If you have no interest in ever firing ceramics in your kiln, I would definitely go with the Paragon SC2 because the door is bigger. It's easier to transfer the enamel in and out of the kiln with the bigger door.

    Here's the Paragon SC2 with a link to where you can get one at a really good price:

    Where to Get a Kiln in Canada:

    I highly recommend Artistry in Glass if you are in Canada and want to buy a kiln. The customer service was excellent. They gave me a better price on a kiln than the list price on their website. Shh. Don't tell anyone.

Classes and Workshops

Here are some enamelists and schools that offer workshops and classes.

  • TorchedStudio holds 1 day workshops. Highly recommended if you live in or can travel to the Toronto area (Canada). I did a workshop with Yvonne and learned more in 5 hours than I would in an eight week class somewhere else. A great hands on experience.

    Want to see what I made in that class? View my enamel first tries on my Flick'r page.

  • George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario Canada has a jewellery arts program. Enameling is taught by Catherine Crowe. See Catherine's teaching schedule here (need to scroll down the page a bit.)

  • The Enamelist Society Education page has many U.S. class venues listed.

Useful Articles About Enamel Jewelry Making

Forums and Communities

Glass on Metal
This is the official website of the enamelists magazine "Glass on Metal" and has many great resources, including some articles from past issues, workshops and classes

Enameling Society
The Enamelist Society, Inc. is a volunteer arts organization founded in 1987 for the purpose of promoting the art of enameling. The Society distributes a quarterly newsletter to its membership and has an on-line newsletter called FuseNews.

It maintains a lending library of both enamel-related literature and images and offers grants to further the promotion and practice of the medium.

Grains of Glass
This is the forum recommended to me by enamelist Yvonne Villeneuvewho taught me how to enamel. All about enamel and enameling using a kiln or torch heating from underneath.

Painting With Fire Ning Site
The forum and community for makers exploring the immersion technique taught by Barbara Lewis.

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