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Earring Designs Gallery

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Here are some of my earring designs...

I make earrings during my little boy Edgar's naptime or after my kids' bedtime :)  Most of these have been sold, donated, or given away as gifts. 

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blue chalcedony and amethyst earrings olive jade earrings
Blue Chalcedony, Grape Amethyst Rondelles , Sterling Silver Olive Jade Beads, Sterling Silver
earring designs Boro Glass and Sterling Silver Chain Earrings, Oxidized
Sterling Silver, Citrine Borosilicate Handmade Beads, Sterling Silver Chain, Sterling Silver
gold wire leaf earrings with carnelian teardrop bead drops gold wire wrap and rutilated quartz earrings with labradorite chips
14 kt Gold-filled Wire, Carnelian 14 kt Gold-filled Wire, Rutilated Quartz, Labradorite Chips
brass wire flower earrings sterling silver earrings
Commercially-made Brass Wire Flowers, Brass Lever-Back Ear Wires Sterling Silver
sterling silver earrings handmade carnelian wire-wrapped earrings handmade
Sterling Silver Carnelian, Sterling Silver

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