Does Heat Reveal Solder Joints ?

Does heat reveal solder joints?

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Heat & Solder Joints
by: Teri

If you are working on the piece, heat could reveal solder. In fact low solder could actually melt again. BUT I think you mean heat when wearing a piece of jewelry with solder joints. If you used solder on copper, brass, or even gold, the silver solder is going to show. Typically you file/sand it down to the bare minimum needed to keep the joint and it will be very difficult to see with the naked eye. However, if you patina the piece, I suppose it may be possible that the solder joint might accept the patina differently, but I've never heard of it coming off, even in heat. If you can give us some idea of how much heat, temperature wise, and the condition, we might be able to help more. But if I were going to make a short and sweet answer to this, it would be "no." Teri

Revealing solder joints
by: John The Jeweler

In order to locate solder joints with heat, use a cool flame on the un-fluxed peace of jewelry. This will cause the jewelry to tarnish and the solder joints will tarnish a different color than the rest of the peace.

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