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JUNE 19, 2008

In This Week's Issue:

Tweet Tweet! Follow me - Just trust me on this one
Twitter Marketing for Jewelry Businesses
New on the Blog : Making a Sliding Knot Closure, Poop
Questions and Answers : Safety Pin Watch Bands, Soldering silver
Freebie: Bracelet Sizing Tool and Video

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Tweet Tweet

Telling the world what you're doing on a minute by minute basis, and learning what others are doing...

Pretty useless, right? I mean, who care's what some stranger had for breakfast and how they're contemplating their navel...

That's what I thought too - but then I started taking a good look at it.

Remember blogging at the beginning? I thought that was pretty dumb too. Long diatribes about nothing. Long stream of consciousness writing, self-absorbed wanna-be writers recording the minutia of their lives...

But then it started evolving. People started posting, useful, interesting, meaningful things. Specific, subject-targeted blogs started popping up. People could leave comments. Conversations were starting up among strangers with common interests.

Back to twitter.

So twitter is still young and is experiencing its own evolution. Think micro-blogging. Or "texting" on a cell phone.

That's where it started by the way - and you can receive your "tweets" on your cell phone and receive up to the minute news.

Now I don't even own a cell phone, but I can see the value in texting.

Quick, not time consuming, perfect way to communicate as people get busier and busier and time seems to shrink more and more.

Have you ever put off a phone call because you know your friend will engage you in a conversation that will take an hour out of your day?

The catch-up is fun, but we don't always have the time, right?

With twitter, you can catch up in snippets throughout the day. People can only post 140 characters so its so so fast to read.

You can "follow" friends, and keep up with each other quickly without breaking your flow.

**Here's my prediction. Twitter, or something like it, is going to be very very important in the very near future.

You can see what I've "tweeted" by visiting my homepage and scrolling down a wee bit until you see "TWITTER UPDATES" on the left side of the page.

I know it might seem dumb now, but just give it a try. It gets really fun as you get used to it.

I'll post some twitter tricks soon so it becomes really really easy for you to use.

Trust me- If you haven't yet created a Twitter account
you're really missing out.

*******VERY IMPORTANT********

MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ME! (I'm actively posting all the time.)

To follow me, create an account then go here:

Click the "Follow" link that shows under my photo.

That's it. Everytime I post you'll see it in your main "timeline" area.


If you have a jewelry business, you need to give this a close look. Twitter will become an increasingly important marketing tool in the very near future.

John Reese, a top internet marketer writes,

"Twitter is extremely VIRAL. When you make posts (called "tweets") they can be exposed to all the friends (followers) of others. Then they can choose to follow you.

I think Twitter is going to really evolve into a "must use" marketing tool. It's a great way to announce you've just made a new blog post, released a new product, or anything else you're up to.

I'm already seeing 400+ visitors each time I make a tweet that I've made a new blog post.

So trust me, this is no flash in the pan. In fact, this may be one of the most powerful marketing tools ever -- it just depends how it evolves. "

So if you have an Etsy shop, a blog, or a website, listen up, and try it out. If nothing else, grab up your name before someone else does.

Twitter Tips:

Get a feel for twitter.  Follow others in your "niche". Have competition?  See if they're on twitter and follow them too. 

You can find some beading types in my "follows"

What are you following them FOR?  Just watch for now.  See how I and others aree using twitter to publicize when posting a new product in your shop, posting on your blog, or updating a page on your site.

A word of warning - You'll see a lot of nonsense on twitter, just like how blogs used to be journals of nonsense.  Use intelligently though, you can share news, keep abreast of your competition and keep others interested in you and your business, and forge new business relationships and partnerships over time.

Here's that URL again to follow me on twitter:

New On the BLOG

You know those sliding knot closures for necklaces? The ones where you don't need a clasp?: Read more about sliding knots...

Pooping behind the door - that's all I'm saying: Read the poop story...


A number of questions are pooping up from readers on the How-to-Make-Jewelry website. Here's what's new this week:

A question about making safety pin watches, asked - and answered!

Tips about soldering silver! One of my favorite techniques. I wish I had more time to play with fire, but kids+fire is not such a good idea. Thanks Kari for the tips!

There are more questions too - here's the link where you can read them. Many need answers so go ahead and answer whatever you can in the comments!


I saved the best for last - hmmm maybe I should tell you later....

Just joking.  Read my STORY OF THE STUBBORN BRACELET MAKER, get your free pdf download, and watch the video....

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