Crystal V Necklace

Love Beadweaving?

This Swarovski Crystal V necklace is a fun project to try....

Beadweaving Crystal V Necklace

The delicious Crystal V Necklace... Great for gifts, weddings, and for pretending you are the White Queen... (Pretending makes cleaning your house much more fun...What, normal people don't do that?)

This video is courtesy of Eri Atteberi's Jewelry Making Professor video series. She's sharing this one as a little taste of her video library membership series.

I hafta confess, I'm not much of a beadweaver m'self. The little beads and the detailed fiddliness of beadweaving drives me a little bonkers. I like this project though. It's fairly quick, glittery and sparkly (which appeals to my magpie nature), and works up fairly quickly.

Let's get started... Yeehah!

Tools and Materials

Video Instructions

Let me know how I did...

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