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Crimp Beads for Stretchy Cord
by: Ruralrose

I would like to know if this is possible as well.

I would fear the crimp would eventually, if not immediately, cut the cord.

Why magnet clasps? I always thought the best part of stretchy cord was that it needed no clasp, lol! I use a trip to secure the ends without a crimp.

My last bead is always unique, but it is also disguising that the string has gone through it twice securing the end.

Awaiting the answer too, peace for all

Ruralrose, www.lifethroughthecracks.blogspot.com

Stretchy Cords and Crimps
by: ce_ryder

I've used crimp beads for stretchy cord, but the crimp sometimes cuts through after awhile.

I read that it's better to knot it, and a surgeon's knot was recommended, but I still haven't mastered that knot.... Hope that helps

stretchy cord
by: mom2girls

I've made quite a few stretchy bracelets and personally I just tie the off with a good old square knot. I then glue the knot with superglue. I use a 1 mm thick transparent plastic stretchy cord versus elastic, and if you put superglue on plastic it WILL NOT come loose. I've had a couple of bracelets that I've redone when after a couple of years of wear the cord begins to lose its elasticity, and I COULD NOT untie the knot. I actually had to cut the cord.

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