Copyright Laws - Projects to Use in a Class

by Trish
(Little Elm TX)

Would it be be legal, ethical and ok for me to print copies of free online projects, or projects that I have purchased to use in a class that I am teaching?



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Copyright Laws
by: Gale

I don't think it would be legal or ethical to use
someone else's design without permission. Some of
us make a living by selling our work. This only
takes away from it.
Please be considerate.

Copyright Laws for Jewelry Projects
by: Christine

It's not legal or ethical to use someone else's tutorial without permission for a class, unless you get permission first from the copyright owner.

In most cases, the owner of the copyright is the author, whether or not it's been formalized as such (i.e. even if you don't see anything that says "all rights reserved").

The only time this gets waived is if the author waives it, or it's old enough to become "public domain". Typically about 50 years after the author's death, if the family doesn't take steps to take over the copyright.

That said, sometimes you can get permission. If you ask nicely, sometimes authors will allow you to reprint the tutorial and use it either for free (which I have allowed myself for public school classes who have asked) or for a licensing fee.

If you charge money for a class, it seems reasonable to pay the author a licensing fee to use his or her tutorial. Saves you work, and compensates the author too.

How much is a reasonable fee? 5%-10% of your gross (not your net) seems like a reasonable offer, but I'm no expert.

For more info about copyright, except from an artist's perspective of using images, you can read this article about legally using other people's images.

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