Chinese Stair Case

by Sarah
(Waterdown, ON)

How do I make a Chinese Stair Case out of embroidery floss?

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How To Make A Chinese Staircase
by: Anonymous

I am actually really good at making Chinese Staircases. They're really easy to make.

First,you get a minimum three strings of floss or thread and tie a knot about two inches from the tops of all the strings.

Second, you take one string of any color and lean it off the the side at a 45 degree angle, keeping all the other strings perfectly vertical.

Third, you make the number four with the other 45 degree string that was off to the side by holding your finger about half way down on the string and laying it over on the right side OVER the others.

Then, you take the one string and put it UNDER the others then pull it through the hole in the "four" you made.

Then hold the end of the string and pull it upward towards the knot. After you make about three knots in the bracelet on the next knot when pulling up ward with the string pull to the right also this will continue the staircase pattern.


It's Easy
by: Katelyn

It's actually really easy. There are videos on Youtube that show you step by step.

Just search "chinese staircase friendship bracelets".

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