Childs necklace length chart

by Nancy
(Oxnard, CA)

I am looking for a chart for necklace length for children. I need to make a necklace for a 5 year old girl. Can you please help me out?

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Length Chart For Adults And Children
by: Barbara

Child Sizes
Preemie: 3.25"
Newborn: 3.5"
3-6 Months: 4.0"
6-12 Months: 4.5"
12-24 Months: 5.0"
2-4 Years: 5.5"
4-8 Years: 6.0"

Children's Necklaces include grow chain for a more adjustable fit.

3-7 yrs: 12"-14"

Adult Sizes
Small: 6.5"
Standard/Medium: 7.0"
Large: 7.5"
Ex-Large: 8.0"

Small: 16"
Large: 18"

Child's Necklace Chart
by: Nancy

Thanks so much for the quick response to my question about the children s necklace length issue.

It will be a big to me and I'm sure lots of others fellow beaders.

Happy beading!! :)

Girls Necklace Length
by: Bonnie

I was having a difficult time finding this information.

Thank you, thank you!

Childs Necklace Too Short
by: Anonymous

I made a Princess necklace for my neice's 4th birthday.

The beading was 8" because 6" looked way too small and then I added a clasp. The clasp broke which was a lucky accident.

I then used 6" of silk ribbon on each end, leaving plenty of length for tying it into a bow.

When I put it on her neck and tied it the actual length turned out to be about 12". If I had followed the recommended length of 6" for a four year old girl she would now be dead from strangulation.

She has a normal-to-skinny sized body, not overweight by any means. It fit comfortably and she wore it all day.

Thanks For the Help
by: Anonymous

The 6" was for a bracelet Not a necklace.

Thank you Barbara for the helpful information.

It is much appreciated!

Clasps Suggestions
by: Anonymous

For children a magnetic clasp is a good option. Also good for older adults or anyone with stiff joints.

Appreciate your putting together the size charts.


Thank You For This Sizing Chart
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the information! Making a princess necklace for my boyfriend's 4 year old niece and this really helped!

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