Child Length Bracelet

by Sally

How long should I cut string for child bracelet (age 6)?

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Thank you!
by: Rin Tin Tin

Such useful information. Thank you very much for giving the right directions!

Children's Bracelet Lengths
by: Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

As a very general guideline, here are the average bracelet sizes for children:

  • NewBorn - 4 inches

  • 3-6 Month - 4.5 inches

  • 7-12 Month - 4.75 inches

  • 12-24 Month - 5 inches

  • 2 Years - 5.25 inches

  • 3 Years - 5.5 inches

  • 4-5 Years - 5.75 inches

  • 6-7 Years - 6 inches

  • 8-9 Years - 6.25 inches

  • 10-11 Years -6.5 inches

  • 12-13 Years - 6.75 inches

  • 14 Years to Young Adult - 7 inches

Of course, all children are different so it's best to measure the wrist of the child and go from there. If you are making a beaded (strung) bracelet, adding an extender chain will give them some growing room.

Here's how to make a child's bracelet measurement: Measure the child's wrist, then add about a 1/4 inch for small sized beads, and about a half inch for medium sized beads. If you need a really accurate sizing for the bracelet, you might want to use a bracelet measuring tool like the one I made here.

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