Chevron Bracelet

by Samanthat
(Vero Beach, USA)

What are some good color combinations to use in a Chevron bracelet?

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Color Combos For Bracelets
by: Veronica

What I do sometimes is I follow a certain theme that can give you a certain feeling.

What I mean by that is if I want something that gives a warm feeling, I use fall colors like a light brown, a bright orange, a yellow, and bright or dark red.

If I want something to make me feel happy or cheerful(like pick-me-up colors on a rainy day), I use a neon yellow, a hot pink, lime green, and/or sky blue.

If I want something calming(or just something to match what I'm wearing),I use an ocean theme that includes a white, different shades of blue, and a purple (turquoise is also good).

These are just a few ideas and you may or may not have the same color interests. But at least you get the idea.

Some Color Combinations For Chevron Bracelets
by: Anonymous

Well when I make them I usually do monochromatic colors. For example white, light blue, blue, and black.

You can do the same with purple, green, pink or any color you want. It looks really nice when your done.

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